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How accurate is Skytrak for short game data?

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  • How accurate is Skytrak for short game data?

    I'm in the early stages of evaluating a simulator build in my garage, and I had a couple of questions that I hope you folks can help with.

    One of the big draws for me of owning a simulator would be really precisely dialing in my short game. Currently, once I get within 100 yards or so on the course, I swing by 'feel'. It gets me by, but it's not the best. I'd like to dial in my partial swing distances with each club using the clock method. (For example - I might take 50 swings on the skytrak and learn that an 8:00 to 3:00 swing with my lob wedge carries an average of 31 yards. Then I'd move on to 9:00 to 3:00 swings with the same club.)

    I've seen a few threads indicating that skytrak has trouble with short game accuracy, so I'm wondering if it might not be the best device for doing this? Is that true? If so, what exactly does it have trouble with, and how bad is it? Are they working on improving it? Is there a fix on the way?

    One more question (totally unrelated) when you physically setup the skytrak, where is the skytrak located relative to the ball? (i.e. how many inches away is laterally / in front of the ball?)

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    That's more with chipping that pitch shots. It's deathly accurate under 100 yards from my experience. I've taken it out to the range and have hit the 50 yard markers and skytrak always read 50 yards whenever i hit the target.


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      I find it very accurate from 5 yard to 120 yards. Using TGC chip shots are very accurate.


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        I've practiced 15 yard pitches in my yard with it and the carry distances are always right on with real life carry distances


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          I just played my first round since getting the SkyTrak. I focused a lot of time working 30-50yd range. On the course I found everything that I practiced played out correctly for distances on the course


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            The skytrak is accurate but still doesn't stop me from arguing with it from time to time playing tcg.


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              Accuracy as such isn't the issue, it's that you're hitting from a consistent surface whereas on a real course you have different lies and surfaces to strike from. That's not to say that hitting from a mat isn't very valuable, but that it may not translate 100% to your outdoor game where you'll encounter variables apart from distance.


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                It's a great tool to get your distance control down, yes. I don't use mine under 40 yards, I don't find the chipping to be very valuable as there are just too many variables at play as opposed to do it on an actual green. But as far as you getting a feel for hitting a chip 15 yards, it's accurate yes.
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