TGC Tour - Congratulations!

Congrats to @Michael Baas Becking winning the TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - Sony Open !

Join this weeks TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - Carreerbuilder Challenge with 2 rounds at PGA West (Palmer)[saturday] :
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  • Foregolf/Sportscoach

    Foregolf is basically a North America distributor for Sportscoach. Both use the same hardware/cameras and the GPS simulation software. The complete system with enclosure and installation costs about $37K. Foregolf puts most of the hardware in an overhead enclosure called the Sirgul.

    The Sirgul contains one high speed wide angle camera and the other high speed camera is mounted on the floor to the right just ahead of the hitting area.

    LA, ball speed, ball path, club speed, and club path gets measured. Spin and spin axis(side spin) are not measured. Club face is not measured.

    Club face is calculated with the formula below.
    Club face angle = 2(ball path) +/- club path(depending on direction)

    Spin is then estimated from club path and the calculated club face.

    All the proof is in this video. Please check it out and let me know what you guys think. From watching the video, the Foregolf/Sportscoach simulation appears to be decent but maybe a little forgiving. Pay close attention to the last shot analysis where the club path reading was very strange.

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    Hi Bubba22, have you used this system?
    In your opinion how accurate can it be considering that the club face and spin is calculated and the spin then 'estimated' based on this calculation?
    In the videos i've seen there seem to be a lot of roll.. spin numbers not accurate?

    I have the possibility of purchasing this system for very cheaply but not sure how much it can help me improve my game. Opinions please?



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      It's accurate enough for game improvements. I tested it in 2014 so who knows if they have made some software updates. Look th spin is probably not directly measured but with the great ball Algorythms out there now, it's estimation is pretty close. Obviously some shots will make you shake your head but if th price I right I would say go for it. What software is included? What price? pm me if you want to keep it private.


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        Anyone know if TGC works with this system? Have a buddy who is asking..