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Sports Coach GPS 3.0.6: only one camera detected - Help needed

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  • Sports Coach GPS 3.0.6: only one camera detected - Help needed

    Dear group,

    we have a sports coach gps v3.0.6. running on a windows 7 machine.
    We've got the system from a friend and it used to run two cameras - one top camera for the simulator and a side view camera for academy purposes/swing playback.
    Some time ago one camera accidentally broke and the system kept being used with only the top camera.

    Now we've set up the system and bought a replacement camera but we simply find no way to get it running with the software.

    what it does:
    - the camera is being recognized by the IDS driver
    - the Sports Coach GPS vide view camera setup fully recognizes the camera including ball detection

    so the camera does work.

    what it doesn't do:
    - F10 > measurement setup says
    "nur Kopfkamera aktiv" which is "only top camera active"
    so at this point the software doesn't recognize the camera as something to use for the simulator
    that's why there is no setup button for the side camera
    - Driving Range > Settings > DV Academy
    this is where the new camera should appear as well but the software crashes when we select that option.

    It's probably just a checkbox in the hidden settings somewhere, right?
    Can someone point us into the right direction?

    Any help appreciated!


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    Hi Ernst,

    I own a older version of Sports Coach as well, running on Win Vista. The side cam is broken for a few weeks and I'm wondering if I could just purchase a IDS ueye from ebay. Wherre did you buy your replacement cam?

    Did you already solved your issue?

    Thanks and regards from Berlin



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      Hello Ernst.....I realize this is an older post. I too have the same exact problem. We replaced the top camera with the EXACT camera from IDS. Windows 7 device manager "sees" both cameras perfectly, but GPS 3.30 only lists the top camera as DV1. Side camera is fine. There are no host controller conflicts. I have tried different versions of u-Eye software and have found version 4.81 only installs properly. Versions 4.92 and the latest 4.95 do not work. Also I have tried versions 4.28 and 4.30 of GPS with same results. The camera is UI1220LE-M-GL Rev1......I confirmed that this camera was replaced with the same. Still I cannot get the camera to list in the GPS program. Were you successful with your camera issue and if so what was done??.......Thank you for any help you can forward.......Charles.