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Trackman simulation. Any videos available? Or at least comments

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  • Trackman simulation. Any videos available? Or at least comments

    I have searched a lot of places and cannot find any videos of anyone playing TGC or JPNG while using Trackman. I searched google, this forum, youtube and have been unsuccessful in my quest. I have put my protee in a box as I just moved into a new home. When I build my shop I am contemplating a trackman but I want to see how simulation works with it. Any videos or comments as to the experience with simulation with Trackman???

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    TGC and JNPG are not officially released yet that’s why. But both are on the beta and I am testing TGC at the moment and I am looking for JNPG beta.

    e6 supports officially and I play that too.

    If you want I can upload some YouTube video.

    Ultimately, it plays well. There are some chipping/putting either not reading or triggering automatically but it’s TrackMan’s fault not the software. I think only TrackMan 4 supports chipping and putting.

    What I like about TrackMan for indoor simulator in my experience is that the ball reads very accurately vs other system. I had both system together and I can feel/tell TrackMan’s result was the right one.

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      Leo, post some video's. Love to see it! Here is one posted earlier:

      TGC Tours:


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        Originally posted by ProTee United
        Leo, post some video's. Love to see it! Here is one posted earlier:

        I have a TM 4 how can I participate in the TGC beta?


        • ProTee United
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          Send me a PM (personal message) and I will send you download instructions.

        • golfpro2018
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          I also have a TM4 and I am interested in the Beta of TGC

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        That shot to show is as much as Skytrak isn't it?


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          I have been working with TrackMan and potentially opening an indoor golf facility. TrackMan is now using their own software, which is Perfect Golf. It is still in beta but set to release sometime in about a month. They shared that they did all the graphics for The Masters, so that is what we can look forward to. They also sent me a video of staff using the software and I must say it looks great.