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Trackman 4 Old Software

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  • Trackman 4 Old Software

    Will my Trackman , which was purchased in Summer of 2018 still work with it's old solfware. i just need the numbers after hitting a shot. Thank you.

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    Should still work, but why not load up the latest TPS version? If software expired you won’t get any new features that they may have introduced on the software side and you won’t get virtual golf, but should still get all your numbers etc on the range.

    also might want to look at firmware upgrades as well.


    • fadeinc
      fadeinc commented
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      Thank you Dax. i'll give it a try and do a post.

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    H Dax,
    thank you again.
    It does work and i can get all the numbers.


    • Dax
      Dax commented
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      Excellent, hope you enjoy the TM4 as much as I am!

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    Thank you again, Dax. I am sure, i will enjoy my TM4 more ;-)