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Trackman Reviews

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  • Trackman Reviews

    Looking at the Trackman. Anyone have reviews on the SimTurf, screen, or anything else Trackman provides in the setup. They say their screen is better than carls premium and won't get the ball impact fold that others do.

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    Are you saying trackman screen doesn’t get ball pocket marks


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      No, they just said theirs were better and less prone to get wrinkles over time, and their screen was better than Carl's premium.


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        Is Simturf the screen they use in installs?


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          Simturf is the turf they use, the say they have a exclusive provider for screens.


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            Link to my Trackman “review” and pics of my sim from earlier post. There is a fair amount of “q&a” in the comments. A Trackman install will be “top notch” and of the highest quality. I couldn’t be more satisfied.



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            Interesting video from someone who definitely does not hold back on his comments.


            There were a lot of places I could have posted this one as it is applicable to a lot of questions that I have seen posted out there. For me, I find set-up to be a little easier than described as I usually keep my trackman in place and all I do is plug it in every once and a while to its power supply. The wifi set-up would be a pain, but I run a cat6 cable directly to my unit and suspect this would take away a bunch of the frustrations being noted in the video.


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              I would echo the comments on the youtube video. I had a turnkey job done by Trackman and they did an excellent job laying out the simulator in the room I had designated for it. His comments about how long it takes to boot it up are a bit exaggerated but if you do it from scratch it can take about 5 minutes. Since I hit every few days, I leave my Trackman radar and computer on but both go into sleep mode and they start right up and are connected to the wifi already. The projector takes about a minute to sync and come on but that is it. As far as Trackman support goes, it is superb. They have support guys ready anytime I call.