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Indoor Trackman 4 outdoor use?

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  • Indoor Trackman 4 outdoor use?

    I have an indoor trackman 4, would it work if i try to use it at a driving range? I think I read somewhere it would work but would only register the first 10ft like its indoor.

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    No, if the shot is over a certain distance you will get a not saying you have indoor licence only. I can’t recall the distance now, but thought it was 30 feet.


    • #3
      Yeah Dax is right. It sees the longer flight and say no no no lol. You need a net or something outdoors. But chipping and putting work. Otherwise it's $7000 😆


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        The hardware is capable of it, but they want $7k to unlock the feature???


        • bubbtubbs
          bubbtubbs commented
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          Not really any different from paying a few thousand to unlock club data or putting analysis on Quad.

        • PG50
          PG50 commented
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          Sure. But I think that's just as ridiculous.