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Best way to use rented Trackman and save data for when I get home

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  • Best way to use rented Trackman and save data for when I get home

    I am going to be paying for a monthly unlimited access to Trackman bay this summer. what suggestions do any of you have for how I should go about collecting data in a way that I can go home and analyze everything I have done? I have looked at the mytrackman online portal in that past and found it it be very simplistic, can't export csv, and numerous other things not great about it, just wondering if there is any way to save certain kinds of reports, or use my iphone while at the trackman to export stuff, or any other tips and tricks any of you would recommend for how to get and keep permanent access to my swing data.??

    I will be connecting a camera also, so on mytrackman, I know I can see the video, but in the past when I used other trackman, it did not always give me a view the correlates videos with swing data, etc.

    Any tips welcome.


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    For anyone following this later, I figured out the best way at the end of the session is use the "report" button in the bottom right of the screen and save a group report. This will show up later from home in a way I can review all the shots and video using a web browser. I have found that if I don't do that I have to use the iphone app, which is rather lousy to use

    Wish I could figure out a way to delete shots after I get home, but I can't find a way


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      You should be able to create an account and sign in each time you use the Trackman. Then all data will be available from any internet connected device as opposed to just the most recent report.