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E6-Connect Demo is out for Download and wow is it good.

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  • E6-Connect Demo is out for Download and wow is it good.

    E6 Connect 'Demo' is out for a free download with registration for Windows 10. It looks like it directly supports a number of Simulator devices include the very inexpensive Tittle-X device (my sim device). The demo includes a practice area (Chip, Putt, and Drive), and a full 18hole course that is a spectacular of vegetation, water features, and landscape. It is really a cut above the rest. They have the basic license listed at $2500, kind of high for the garage hacks like me, but for many, I'm sure that reasonable. The Demo also has an online play to challenge your friends to match play. Hope to see some of you soon.

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    Wow a tittle with a $2500 software package. Kind of a mismatch to me


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      How is the chipping around the green? I had tons of problems with chipping when I demo-ed it about a year ago, it just would not read some short chips, not an issue I have usually with Skytrak. Other than that I was quite impressed with the rest of it, nice graphics, good game play.
      $2500? Yikes. A bit rich for my blood.
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        Tried to ask once for a demo through their site and was told the GC2 was not supported.
        Any others with a GC2 that have the demo working and how?
        Mountain Time


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          Not working with GC2 as of now


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            I suspect, if they can get money supporting the GC2, it will be supported. It probably needs the support of the people from GC2 to write the drivers or at least provide the tech specs on the ball flight capture device, so there's something going on I'm sure. Funny thing is a Tittle-X is US$169 over on Amazon and it's tied into E6. It's a great way to demo some excellent and expensive software but I'm glad they are. After several hours of course time now, is see somethings I could gripe about. For example, "ON-LINE play". I thought that E6 would have learned from something from Optishot. There, you can create a game and start playing immediately, allowing other people to join in at there leisure even if you're at the 18th putting for the game finish. I don't understand why E6 wants you to wait until your group is all together before play can begin. So far, I've not seen a single group or person to meet in Online mode.

            My second bug report is the Tittle-X putting (can't say about other sims) requires a really *fast* tap, to putt. A long slow stroke on a 7 footer at Stimp 11, only goes 4ft. It's almost as if the Stimp was measured in inches not feet. I'll try to compensate my play with the fast tap, that really seemed like a bug that needed work. Wedge play was perfect, with great chips and it even played the flop correctly (a dangerous play in my low ceiling garage).

            As far as the courses, they are all typical of that E6 vegetation modeling, very awesome. The lighting and shadows are realistic. Water features look amazing. The flight physics seems to be spot on for my irons and the woods played well with zero-compensation. Like I said above, putting was the only odd thing where I had to compensate for my nature motion to gain ball distance and sink putts.

            Price: $2500 for a basic license; Ouch. Maybe if I was a TopGolf bar owner, or was building a pro-quality sim, or got a huge inheritance and did both. I understand that getting together a good software development team is expensive, and demand for specialized Sim software is pretty low, but that is an entry price that is a bit burdensome to some fans. Regardless I hope everyone downloads this incredible demo. The future is looking bright for E6 and projects a good image into the future of sim golf.

            Click image for larger version

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              Hope to have a video in action soon. One other point that I also found impressive with this setup was the response time between when the Tittle X recorded the swing and when on-screen action happened. It was nearly instantaneous and as an Optishot user used to realtime responses, I could not see any noticeable difference. The image above is from the practice area for chipping. Practice on that for a while and you will certainly develop a good short game.
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                If your looking to join players online to play E6 Connect send me a PM and I’ll send you an invite to join me and other players looking for game on Connect


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                  I requested the demo for SkyTrak over the weekend. 3 days later I'm still waiting for the download link.

                  Just tried again and they sent the link right away.

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                  Got it installed and can see the demo course but don't see SkyTrak in the simulators list. Has anyone been able to use the e6-Connect demo with SkyTrak?

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                  Submitted a online support request with e6 Golf. Waiting for response.

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                  From E6Golf Support:

                  Unfortunately we have not yet made E6 Connect available to SkyTrack, as the new compatibility is still being developed. I know that it is a high priority to release soon, but a concrete date has not been given for the update. I believe SkyTrack will let their customers know when we provide them with a release date
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                    What??? High priority to release soon, but no concrete date? Maybe you should ask E6 Support again - and hope that someone else answers you that is a little more knowledgeable about release dates?

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                  Yeah. I was looking at the supported devices yesterday and noticed Skytrack wasn't on there, nor the GC2 as best as I could tell. I hope they can get to the device development soon. Call Skytrack and pressure them. They may have an SDK they are asking too much from E6 for... You know, those business type decisions that pickle the software game industry. End-user pressure might help.
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                    Any videos of E6 connect? GSA was added but it seems to not be able to connect yet.


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                      Me too - any videos of E6 connect? Would love to see them...


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                        I have a few videos on YouTube of E6 Connect


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                          I'm getting closer to running the Connect Demo with SkyTrak(see top right of pic) but get no support from SkyTrak when I ask to authorize.
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                            as far as ij aware skytrak is not yet supported / finalised ready for testing.... didnt know you could even download the demo!