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E6 Connect requirements

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  • E6 Connect requirements

    I have recently downloaded the demo for E6 golf connect and have it paired with the skytrak. I am operating on a basic i5 HP laptop and the software works but runs slow and choppy. I am looking at buying a dedicated tower but am not looking to spend alot of money. What is the lowest video card I can get which will run smoothly? Trying to avoid the Nvidia GXT 1070 due to price, any suggestions?

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    I use my HP laptop which has an i7 processor and the GTX1060 and it runs perfectly fine.


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      This will come down to what resolution you will be running and what level of detail you want to have. To run with highest detail at 4k will have very different requirements to a lower detail running at 1080p, or if you are connecting to a projector that runs at 720p. To be honest, these golf games don't appear to need very high frame rates, they are not like other modern games that have lots going on and need high frame rates. So a simple hole flyover is very easy to draw, with some overlay of a ball flight.

      if it were me, and I was on a budget, I would look at an old rx480 or rx580. You should be able to get them for around £100, maybe less, on a certain auction website. I know it's not the same software, but I have TGC running on an RX480 4gb with graphics settings on "ultra" at 4k and it runs perfectly. E6 has more textures and grass animations so might require a bit more processing than TGC, but I would certainly try it first.

      The good thingabout GPUs is there is a massive 2nd hand market, so you won't lose any money. So you can go for the rx580, say, try it out, and if it doesn't give you what you want, you can sell it for exactly what you paid, and upgrade to something like an RX5500XT. This is a modern mid range card, with the 4gb costing around £150 new.


      • DS12
        DS12 commented
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        Do you think the rx580 in a laptop runs the same as a desktop?

      • DotNetDude
        DotNetDude commented
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        It probably won't be at the same clock speed because the laptop will have limited cooling. It also obviously also won't be upgradable, but it will be based on the same fundamental gpu as the desktop vetsion, so would have excellent performance compared most comparable laptop GPUs.

      • StuartG
        StuartG commented
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        Just keep in mind that graphics card selection is no longer only about the rendering anymore. Can't speak as to how much Connect uses it but many programs use GPU programming for large parts of the programming other than just rendering. TGC2019 is an example of software where the large majority of the processing happens on the GPU instead of the CPU. I don't know if Connect is similar or not.

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      Is anybody on here running E6 Connect with the RX 580 coupled with a Ryzen 5 or 7 (or Intel i5 or i7) that can speak to the experience running it in 4K? Just picked up a computer with that GPU and while I’m fine running it in 1080, I’d really love to run it in 4K.


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        I run E6C on an AMD A10 with an RX590, [an overclocked 580]. It does 4K perfect. Great game.
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          Originally posted by skaileh View Post
          Is anybody on here running E6 Connect with the RX 580 coupled with a Ryzen 5 or 7 (or Intel i5 or i7) that can speak to the experience running it in 4K? Just picked up a computer with that GPU and while I’m fine running it in 1080, I’d really love to run it in 4K.
          Built one with Ryzen 5 and RX580 last week. Golf shed will be finished next week so I just installed e6 with product key and did flyovers of most of the courses. Very smooth and when looking around found e6 set display to 4K automatically. The monitor isn’t 4K but the tv I’ll use is 4K. Will fire up the projector (1080GT Darbee) tomorrow with the computer just to see what it looks like. Short answer very smooth. The RX 580 fans were running so fast I thought the computer was gonna fly out the window. Probably cause I was just doing one flyover after another.


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            Can anyone confirm if e6 can run on an older graphics card. I have a nvidia 940m with 900 clock speed and 1gb of ram and an i3 processor. I don't care if it looks good, he'll ill even run at 720p as long as the text is legible, I just don't want to upgrade my laptop quite yet having just spent 5000$ on a simulator


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              The demo course aviara runs fine and so do the range and games, with slight lag on an R7 240 card. But after purchasing the subscription, none of the downloaded courses work. E6 crashes after clicking on tee off. Trying another budge card 1030 to see if it’ll run the other courses. Wish the prices for cards was cheaper.


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                Just wanted to post an update. Received the gt1030 card I got for $125. Runs e6 easily. Graphics are good and play has been smooth with no lag thus far. Just wanted to let you know that you can get away w a cheaper card if you’re on a budget. FYI my machine was a refurb hp office desktop(Intel Core i5-2400 3.1GHz 8GB 500GB DVDRW Windows 10 Professional) $140. So my e6 machine cost a total of $265.
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