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(PC) anything that can be done to smooth the graphics?

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  • (PC) anything that can be done to smooth the graphics?

    I’m currently demoing E6 Connect for Foresight, and am disappointed with the performance. I have a built gaming PC- stable liquid cooled overclocked i9-9900k at 5.0 GHZ with a 2080TI, and still the graphics are not smooth during movement in E6.

    I’ve seen a couple of videos online addressing the issue in NVidia control panel, but that seems to be a fix for laptop- the fix I’ve seen is that it defaults to onboard graphics cards rather than the GPU, but that’s not an issue on PC where the graphics are handled by whatever the cable is plugged into.

    Any ideas?

    The only thing I have left to try is to get an active HDMI cable. I am running an HDMI booster right now but that still doesn’t pass enough signal to get 4K/60 hz on my BenQ LK 953 ST, 30 hz is the limit.

    Still, I don’t think it’s that. 30 hz shouldn’t look that bad, most PS4 and XBox one games run at 30 FPS and they don’t have noticeable issues.



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    Originally posted by bm11 View Post
    Problem solved! I bought a Riupro Fiber Optic Active HDMI cable. I did some research and this cable was one of the best tested for the distance I needed. I was bandwidth restricted to 4k 30 hz before, with this cable I can display 4k 60 hz, and it fixed the problem.
    Thanks for the update! Here's the cable on Amazon if anyone is interested:
    - Ron at - visit my site for instructional articles and reviews