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Help with League running for a business

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  • Help with League running for a business

    Opening an Indoor Golf Simulator and we are just about to open. We are going to offer leagues during the winter, but don't have any experience with leagues or running them. Do you all have any recommendations for software to track leagues, sites for information on types of leagues, etc.

    We have 4 simulator bays running e6 connect on Uneekor EyeXOs for our sims.

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    Where are you located...region/country/state etc and how many customers do you expect?


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      Located in the Northwest United States. No real idea yet on customers as we are just opening. Really just looking for suggestions to look more into. Right now trying out ezgolfleague as their pricing and features seem to be enough for what we would need. But open to suggestions


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        I would call around (maybe to some bigger cities) to some up and running places, ask to talk to the owner/manager, and see if they're willing to give you some guidance.

        Although this forum and its members are amazing, I've noticed it seems more personal simulator affiliated vs. the business aspect.

        Also, before you open up anything, I would personally get to know your hardware and software like the back of your hand so it's a smooth and fun customer experience. Once you do that, thoughts might spring up as to what will/won't work. You don't want to charge someone an hourly rate when part of that time could be technical difficulties.


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          Hi. I don't run this as a business... But I hold a winter league in my "Garage" for about 20 or so of my buddies. I keep it fun and handicap it. I take their real-life handicap to start and divide it by 2 since we only play 9 holes per week. Once we get to week 3 I take their real-life handicap and best score of the first 2 weeks and divide that by 2... After 4 weeks I took their real-life handicap and their best two scores from the league and figured that into their handicap... And just go from there... I use Excel to keep track of the weekly scores. I have formulas setup in Excel to make it quick. Takes me about 20 minutes a week to enter and post the scores to our facebook group. We pay $5 a week to enter. $2.50 goes to the weekly pot.. and the other $2.50 goes towards the yearly pot. At the end of the year, the top 4 golfers play a year end 18 hole skins game (and drink a lot). The yearly money is put in the purse for the skins game. Last year we had around $500 for the skins game. Makes it nice that the top 4 all have a chance to win something and it's really fun to have the finale with 4 people playing 18. We had it during the PGA tournament at Sawgrass and actually played Sawgrass while we watched the pros. I guess, if you take my concept and add $25 for the actual golf, you could make some decent money. (especially if you have a liquor license). My friends are spoiled and now drink free beer out of my kegerator.


          • gbode123
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            Hi Brent, I just got my sim set up and am looking to do this with some buddies this fall/winter. Would you be willing to send me your excel sheet so I can use it for my future league? I like your format.

          • Brent628
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            Hey gbode123. Sorry, hadn't logged on in awhile. Still want the spreadsheets?

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          Call Trugolf and request a clubhouse. I can’t image they will decline.

          From the clubhouse you will be able to create events, see leaderboards, and post announcements. Your players, will be able to see the scheduled events, announcements and leaderboards at your clubhouse. E6 actually has a big update today where your players can have a handicap. The update also included a PinSeeker game where your players can compete for real cash. It is actually really cool.

          We use this teamup app for scheduling tee times. At one point Trugolf said they would have a tee sheet integrated into the clubhouse but I haven’t seen it yet.

          Feel free to call for a chat about the challenges of running a league.



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            Thanks for advice, Ill call trugolf and ask about a clubhouse.


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              Good luck on your venture. I have thought about doing something similar in my area and I am curious to how things go!


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                We open in the next couple weeks, tons of interest from the community so far. Fingers crossed that it translates to business