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E6 connect and handicap

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  • E6 connect and handicap

    Hi guys, im playing E6 with my Mevo+ and im wondering how to i get my official handicap now im running1.8.0.2

    I was able to adjust my handicap manually for a few days, but it seems that option has been removed again and it tells me that e6 will adjust my handicap from valid rounds.

    What constitutes a valid round - one without mulligans but what about gimmes? I have 1.5m gimmes turned on - does that affect things? Can my handicap adjust from normal stroke rounds? I have played 85 events - however only 3 show up on my e6 portal.. is this because of the update its wiped the older rounds? Do i need a minimum of 4 valid rounds? This is driving me a bit crazy to be honest - I will probably end up moving to TGC2019 to see how that is if I cant get this fixed
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    My impression is you play enough rounds without mulligans and it will give you a hcp.
    I'm not sure how they are normalizing data. I do autoputt (seems to 3 putt almost anything over 40 feet, 30-40 ft is about 25% chance of 3 putt, 30-15 ft is almost always 2 putt. 10 feet and in,, its 1 putt about 90%)

    It surprisingly gave me a handicap of -9 after a few 5 rounds. I have no clue what this means. I'm a 3 handicap in real life.


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      Hi Dubville - are you talking after 5 rounds on a single course? As I have played 86 rounds so far - settings have been a mixture of 10ft gimmes and autoputt - but still E6 still doesnt give me a handicap.


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        I had around 200 rounds but it didn't seem to count those (before recent update.) I usually don't play in competitions or online as I cant really putt on my setup. I played several rounds after the most recent update and now I have a handicap, but have no clue what it means.


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          Yep after updating to I have a handicap now too. Happy days I hope this stays working.


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            What does it mean handicap -9? I played couple rounds and this is what it gave me. Is it a 9 HCP? Or +9. Not sure what it means