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Transfer E6 Connect from Skytrak to GC3

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  • Transfer E6 Connect from Skytrak to GC3

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but want to be sure I am thinking of everything from a cost standpoint. I have had my Skytrak for about 2.5 years now, and I am thinking about upgrading to a new GC3. I have about 7 months left on my E6 Connect subscription, and I have bought the Pebble Beach bundle of courses. Can I easily switch out launch monitors with my E6 Connect subscription and specifically, can I keep the extra courses I have purchased? It seems to be tied to a specific computer and not a specific launch monitor, but just want to be sure.

    Follow up question: Do I have to maintain an e6 subscription to play the courses I purchased if I simply want to play them locally? Say if I got a GC3, could I play pebble beach via E6 connect without keeping my E6 subscription active?

    I am not really tied to e6 other than I wildly overpaid for 3 courses, lol.

    Edit: I think this post can be deleted. I was clearly looking at bad list of supported launch monitors for e6 connect. Looks like GC3 is not supported at least as of yet. Probably going to at least let this subscription run out before I make a move.
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    Looks like it may be available now, I am Wondering the same since I just bought a BLP to replace my Skytrak