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Visual Sports Review

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  • Visual Sports Review

    I had the chance to spend som time with the folks a Visual Sports They have made some good advancements in the golf simulation world with some really nice technology advancements. They not only do golf simulation but also have various sports options such as baseball, hockey, soccer, football, cricket! Zombie dodgeball, carnival games and basketball. They really are concentrating on the golf at his point.

    The unit traditionally was a 4 cam high speed ball measuring simulator. It traditionally would estimate spin based on ball characteristics including the bounce back from the screen. They originally used Red Chain software but now use E6. They now have added a fantastic club camera called the Swingtrack club. Let me tell you guys, this thing is amazing. It runs at 600 fps with a well lit area (about a 8 inch x 8 inch hitting area). No marking of the club needed. What you get is a very nice video of exactly what the club is doing. You can review in HD frame by frame of your exact club. You see club face angle, club path angle, face to path and club speed. You also clearly see how far behind the ball you hit. What is also seen but not measured (I discussed measuring this with them and highly suggest the start doing this) is the horizontal position the ball is hit on the club, ie. towards th heel or toe. This would be very helpful for practice, club fitters/teachers a well as calculating spin from a potential gear effect. Of ourselves this is more important with the driver/woods/hybrids than the irons. The system uses the club data (face to path) as well as ball data to help determine spin. The dont directly measure spin yet but the data they have s more than enough to very accurately determine spin. They are soon to add a second "spin camera" that will exist with the Swingtrack club camera that will solely focus on ball spin through logo/dimple measurement. They are also looking at a side camera that will look at angle of attack etc.
    You can add several cameras that will look at your swing in general from the side, behind or above. The technology is very nice.

    From all the sims/launch monitors I have tried including th GC2 and HMT, Trackman, Flightscope etc. I will say that the visual of the golf shot before, at and after impact is best visualized with this system. It's simply awesome. As you all know I am a big fan of club data. To me knowing what happens at impact- coined "the birth of a golf shot"- by the folks at Visual Sports ( I am giving them credit hear as I love the phrase) is massively important and this unit visually gives you that look. I think that's better than just getting numbers of loses 2 degrees and insid out x degrees. If they add horizontal face contact ( can easily b done now) as well as a camera for angle of attack then it will be better than the Trackman.

    The unit is $30,000 and up for the full fit. They do retrofitting as well. If you have a setup already or want to source your own computer, screen, mat etc then they will work with one to obviously reduce the cost.

    If anyone has this unit I would love to hear your thoughts.

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    I agree with the part that a video of the actual club before at and after impact is way better than numbers that might be correct or not.
    I have had that for more than 2 years. Mine is lower res but runs at 1000fps. I don't use it all the time because it's a bit time consuming to set up.
    Another really cool thing is to see the club head after impact. Not only where the ball hits the club face but how the club head bends after an off center hit.
    Very intuitive way of getting a feel for the gear effect you caused. After a while when you can train your mind to connect the feeling in your hands with the image of the after impact bend. You get better at assessing what actually happened even without the camera.


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      There stuff is very impressive. Check the videos


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        Here are more videos

        Understanding SwingTrack -

        Shaping Your Shots with SwingTrack -


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          I think I'm going to have to upgrade the sims in my shop to these at some point. Just the other sim experiences (especially baseball) alone are worth the cost. Those would open up my customer base immensely.


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            They have come a long way from the Trugolf floor sensors they were selling in 2014.


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              Bubba22 , I'm from SW Ontario and am considering the Visual Sports system. You seemed impressed by the hardware, do you still feel the same since your review? For the price point with some DIY work, this system is in reach for the GC2 with HMT crowd budget range. Given the LH RH and putting capabilities, do you feel the Visual Sports product is a wise choice for a home simulator/practice facility in this budget range? Other setups I'm looking at are the GC2 with HMT, FlightScope and Trackman setups. I'd consider Skytrak if the delay to screen was shorter. Honestly, if you could use LH and RH Skytraks in tandem with no delay it might be the choice for this budget range. I have younger children, the multi sport capabilities of Visual Sports might be the icing on the cake.


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                If you want my advice, for the money you'll spend having visual sports install a sim, you could easily put in a GC2/HMT for a lot less money if you're handy. Or, put in a Trackman 4 if you have a leftie rightie need. It has putting now and TM is integrating with the major software companies. You will not find anything as accurate as GC2 or Trackman.


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                  How is the TM4 putting? I haven't seen any details on how it performs. The LR situation need is a real concern. Trackman does seem to be the consensus winner in many categories, but that zombie dodgeball is appealing haha


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                    Visual Sports is good. TM 4 is better if you have the space. GC2 is very nice. At the price of Visual Sports, TM4 is a real option 4 u.


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                      My understanding is under 20k CAD gets you hardware, computer, E6 1.6 and other multi sports games. Projector, enclosure turf and screen not included. Would barebones trackman 4 be in that range?


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                        I should mention I already process a screen and projector from an Optishot build.


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                          TM4 indoor model is around 20 CAD.


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                            The biggest factor for the radar solution is space. Fortunately l, the TM4 needs less space and as an added benefit now includes Puting. In terms of pricing, you will need to add software on top of the US$19k price tag. However what you get is a system that works flawlessly is very easy to set up, has a large area from what you can hit within and a system that measure both the club and ball. The software that TM created is excellent and I believe the price includes the camera so that you can watch a video from behind with the unit and you can then also add I believe three additional cameras (which includes iPads and iPhones).

                            What I like in the TM is the TPM software and the range. It keeps track of all shots and allows me to really understand my distances for my irons. I also really like that I can adjust the temperature setting for different times a year and also adjust elevation for me to know my distances when travelling. It also has an optimize feature so that I can understand where my launch characteristics are not as good as they could be so that I can take this to a teaching pro to work on some things. Also set up really is a breeze and tech support is amazing. I needed tech support when I was hitting in my garage and the metal garage door was causing me issues. They worked with me to really understand the issues and to update the software to come up with a solution. I ended up moving my sim to a room in a suite at my house before knowing if a solution was developed as I liked the idea of having a dedicated golf area (I also grew a little tire of how dusty everything was getting in my garage).

                            The draw backs include having to place a metal sticker on the ball (not a big deal just make sure sticker does not face the TM), and length where you will need a min of 18 feet but I think TM still recommends 25 feet (the more the better). While not needed the other TM drawback is the annual subscription fees. In terms of measured and calculated there is one item that many complain about with radar in terms of spin axis, but I have not heard how TM4 might fair here.

                            I hope this helps!


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                              Is the TM4 putting at, above or below average in terms of realism and capabilities of other systems? Does it miss many light chips? Also, what software is available for simulation?

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                            After posting my comments, not sure if it was right for me to post what I did in this section and so I apologize for that. Please feel free to move as necessary.