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  • Visual Sports Impressions

    I've been playing on a visual sports sim for a few months now at a local sim facility. It's fun, but the major issue I see with it is that it doesn't seem to measure spin. My shots on the sim rarely have any curvature whatsoever. I find myself just aiming at the middle of the fairway and swinging as hard as I can. The worst that happens usually is a slight pull or push. If I do this out on a real course I can slice or hook it off the planet. Another fault I see from not measuring spin is iron shot distances. My 7 iron carry is around 170 in reality. On the sim the 7 iron is my 200 yard club. I'm not 100% sure if this is a fault with the hardware or the e6 software, but either way it's not accurate and takes some guesswork when planning shots. The swing camera is great and shows impact. All in all its a fun way to keep my swing loose in the winter but I can't put too much stock in the results.

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    Given it's a public set up its possible that it's set up with less spin. Where is it?
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      I tried it down in Windsor Ontario with the club cam and it was impressive. They do have older units, did it have club tracking cam?


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        They are all new units in Hauppauge, ny. It's a really nice facility with 8 sims set up. They do have the the club cam which is nice. I'm speculating that it doesn't directly measure spin because of the results I'm getting. Another example is that full wedge shots into greens back up a lot and I'm not one to usually spin the ball that much. Like I said though, it's a great set up and good practice in the winter, but I definitely take the results with a grain of salt. If I really wanted to work on my numbers and distances I'd have much more confidence in a gc2 or even skytrak. As a point of reference, I've used both HD golf and aboutgolf simulators in the past and I found them to be more accurate, but I do like the e6 software better on the visual sports sim.


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          It doesn't measure spin. I believe they are working on a spin cam