Hey, I was told in the "Turn on shot recording" forum that I should open a ticket with you about an issue I am having joining the online tour. I have tried for a few weeks and haven't been able to get it dialed in. I followed the steps as best I could, copied my tgc license and pasted it to my forum profile, I use Farmdizzy as my username for both the forum and tgc. Played both q-school events, the last thing that I tried yesterday was going into my settings file on TGC and changing my name from Trevor Farmer to "Farmdizzy" and played a few holes but nothing showed up. The only thing that I could possibly think I did wrong was originally when I followed the steps, if I should have changed my name in the settings file to "Farmdizzy" originally and then played the q school events? Any help would be appreciated as i'm ready to get into the next level with my sim. Thanks in advance.