The very latest in Golf Simulator technology, the GolfBlaster3D Golf System allows golfers to play on some of the most famous golf courses in the world and use their own standard golf equipment. GolfBlaster3D uses a great new graphics engine reproducing golf courses in a high resolution with an ultimate level of reality. Three dimensional objects such as houses, bridges, clubhouses and other objects come to life on the golf course and are integrated within the 3D graphics to provide the very best level of simulation.

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The GolfBlaster3D is so advanced and accurate. The system deploys a unique dual sensor tracking method that gathers information from both the golf ball and the club head. Therefore it is capable of detecting every possible kind of shot played with the ultimate of accuracy. Hooks, slices, fades, draws, lobs, pitches, putts etc are all reproduced with fantastic realism. We cannot imagine any other system having the same amount of accuracy and realism.

COST: Golfblaster 3D Simulators run from $25,000 to $55,000

Courses: 60+
Technology: Unknown
Tracking: Ball only
Max Players: 4
Online Play: Not available

Established: 2010

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