TruGolf, originally a subsidiary of Access Software, formally spun-off from the company in 1999 when Access Software was purchased by Microsoft for their expertise in golf software development. TruGolf continued to refine the technology, designing the #1 selling golf simulation software used in most simulators around the globe.

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The technology, based upon patented technology, uses sonic ball tracking sensors and three rows of optical sensors which measure your club path and clubface angle during impact, and show you that information instantaneously in a clear, easily understood swing analysis screen. The integrated swing analysis is included in practice as well as in game and highlights the distinguishing characteristics of each swing. TruTrac’s sleek interface reveals critical information about your swing including launch angle, club head speed, clubface and path, back spin, side spin, ball speed, direction and carry, all the information vital to improving your performance and enhancing your experience.

COST: TruGolf Simulators run from $7,995 to $80,000

Courses: 83
Technology: High Speed Optical Sensors & Microphones in front of the screen
Tracking: Club and Ball
Max Players: 8
Online Play: Not available

Established: 1999

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