TGC Tour - Congratulations!

Congrats to @Jard (NET) and @ecarl97 & @Randy (GROSS) winning the TGC 2018 SUMMER TOUR - TGC Championship !

Join this weeks TGC 2018 SUMMER TOUR - Tour Championship with 3 rounds at East Lake Simulator #1 :
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Learn how to start and grow a profitable indoor golf business

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  • Learn how to start and grow a profitable indoor golf business

    Yardstick Golf's aim is to help you build a successful indoor golf business through research and data driven strategies. A recent study on using data to improve business by McKinsey (a leading global consulting firm) found that most retail businesses could improve their top line by over 10% and their bottom line by roughly half through improved use of data .

    Our benchmarking study takes that one step further. By examining the performance of peer indoor golf businesses, you can quickly target the areas needing improvement. The benchmarking data also provides you with achievable minimum goals and targets based on the experience of others.

    We've done extensive research on the indoor golf business. By combining surveys, data about businesses, traffic, weather and golfer demographics we've determined the keys to running a successful indoor golf center.
    Indoor golf research, start up model and free business plan. Get our free indoor golf business plan guide and check out the other great resources on our site.

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    How many indoor golf businesses have you run/built?


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      Looks like SEO SPAM for another company


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        Surprised it's still up as advertising is against forum rules - even reported it yesterday. Undisclosed affiliation? Still trying to work out the real forum rules here as my post correcting some JNPG mistruths got removed, despite not contravening any published forum rules.
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      by investing your seven figure income

      brian :-)


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        I spent well over a year investigating the possibility of opening a facility in my home town. I spoke to nearly every sim manufacturer and every single one had revenue models that assumed near full capacity for a much longer period of the year than I believed. I did bench marking via existing businesses to find what sort of utilization these golf centers had by month, what share of revenue came from golf, merchandise, lessons, food and beverage and leagues. I am a statistician by trade so I then looked for other data sources to help me understand what drove success (annual precipitation days, golfers in a 5 mile radius of each facility, income and demographics of the zip codes of the facilities and average annual daily traffic in front of each store location). From there I developed a model to forecast revenue based upon those factors to estimate revenue of several locations in my home town. At the end of the day, rents are too high, we have too many days of good weather and not enough golfers for this to exceed my current income so I decided not to open one for myself.

        After doing all that work and knowing that the data wasn't available anywhere else, I decided to build a simple website and offer it for sale. I developed an Excel startup model containing that data, plus added information about rents, wages, etc that a potential business owner can update based on their own assumptions. I have had over 300 study and startup model purchases and only 3 requests for refunds.

        Since I've run golfer preferences surveys to find out how far folks will drive, the max they will pay and things like whether better beverage choices or club storage would increase play the most.


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          Guess what I had for dinner?

          Spam with a side of snake oil!