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Par2Pro SQHQ Screen - UK - 175" x 119" - Unused

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  • For Sale: Par2Pro SQHQ Screen - UK - 175" x 119" - Unused

    Hi everyone...

    I am selling a Par2Pro SQHQ screen - which is in the UK. One of the, if not THE best screens on the market. Thick, quiet, durable... and has never had a ball hit at it.

    It was made to go on my SportScreen, however there was an error in manufacturing and they forgot to put my Velcro down the sides for attaching my drapes.
    Par2Pro sent me out another one as per my spec - so I have this one spare.

    The screen is 175" wide (approx 4.45m) x 119" tall (approx 3.02m). It has a 0.75" black web along the bottom, and 4" of white Velcro at the top (on the back side). The black web is hollow, so you can attach a bungee right through it. There is an eyelet at either side at the bottom - at just over 1" high. There is also Velcro at the back of the eyelet, approximately 2" high on the side hem.

    I fitted it to my SportScreen before realising my side Velcro was missing. I used it to align my projector, took a couple of photos, and then took it down again.

    Screen cost $1199.83, plus $200 shipping from USA to UK, plus I paid almost £90 in import fees.

    Looking to sell for £500 including delivery to a UK address.... which is less than half its value.

    Screen fitted with projector on it...

    Webbing at the bottom

    Hemmed edges

    Eyelet and stitching of the Velcro round about. Also showing the 4" of Velcro at the top on the back of the screen.

    Strip of 2 x 2" Velcro (4" of Velcro) along the full length of the top at the back.

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    Is this still available?


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      Yes, still available.


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        Ok. I’m building a golf sim room, 15 tt x 25ft and 10ft tall. I’m thinking that will fit. Since it’s custom to your mounting hardware, is there an easy way I could rig something up to mount this on my end wall?


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          Most people on here use tarp clips to grip their screen and mount them to frames / angle iron using bungee cords. There are lots of examples if you look through the build treads. Pretty much everyone with a ‘from the mill’ screen mounts them this way.

          This screen is is specifically designed to go onto a SportScreen roller - however that’s only really the top 4” of it (Velcro). The rest of the screen is pretty much just a standard ‘finished’ screen - in that is has hemmed edges / bottom.

          If you’re talking about fitting the screen at the end of a room where you want to attach it to the ceiling / side walls, then I’d be going with angle iron / tarp clips. Put the angle iron along the ceiling / walls about 1ft from the back wall. Fit the tarp clips to the screen - you can fold over the edges if the screen is slightly too big. Attach the tarp clips to the angle iron by bungee cords.

          Either that, or build a frame out of EMT and attach the screen in the same way - but using ball bungees.
          You’ll get an example of that in my V2 build thread - which is linked at the start of my link above!
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