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Foresight Sim Equipment Sell

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  • Foresight Sim Equipment Sell

    I decided to put this all in one thread.
    All prices are firm.
    FSX Software Dongle Version $2200
    Fr1 With 1 Course, but possible more(free of charge). ($700, but have to sell Gc2 first)
    GC2/HMT ​Works perfect and is in same as new condition.
    Never been used outside, not a single scratch on it.
    GC2a/HMT combined with Fr1 Id sale for $10500
    GC2a/HMT combined with FSX Id sale for $12000
    GC2a w/protective cradle $5400
    HMT w/reflective stickers $5200

    Also has a brand new flash from Foresight that I will install AT purchase.

    I can ship Unit to foresight and have it certified and accredited the new owner, free of charge. This would be a savings of $500 US alone.

    Mods can go ahead cancel my 2 other threads.
    Click image for larger version

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  • #2
    Out of curiosity, does that one picture depict you using fsx software on a microsoft surface?

    If that is the case can you share with how the quality of gameplay is on it


    • #3
      I just installed it other night to make sure everything working fine.
      I wouldnt recommend using one for gameplay.


      • #4
        I figured not, I have a over powered gaming PC as it is that I built. But figured if the surface worked well it may be great for portability. I actually just bought my GC2 the other day from foresight.

        GLWS and thanks for the response


        • #5
          Thanks, hopefully I can get it sold.
          Was thinking about puttingit on ebay , but I figured the final fees would be very high.


          • #6
            I'll take that protective case for the GC2 if you wanna break that out.


            • #7
              Looking to sell that with package deal


              • #8
                Also GC2 /HMT will come with 6 month warranty.


                • #9
                  A refurb HMT from Foresight is $4700, with a 6 month warranty and a full dispenser of stickers! No need to pay $500 to transfer ownership with that either.


                  • #10
                    Looks like Gc2/HMT is sold.

                    Still have FSX Software Dongle Version for $2200 Available


                    • #11
                      Hey sprigs

                      Hi everyone, i'm new to the forum and appreciate the wealth of knowledge given by the members.
                      Anyway sprigs, i am unfamiliar with the foresight software. Could you please explain the difference between the dongle version and non dongle version, is it the same? What does the dongle include, and you mentioned about other download available courses? And would this allow the new owner to have a profile, multiple profiles for stats to the cloud. Would you also have to pay the foresight fee if you didn't already have it.

                      ta in advance


                      • #12
                        The Dongle works the same as the online version except you don't need to have an Internet connectconnection.
                        It's free to create FSX performance accounts and all data will be accessible through there cloud services.


                        • #13
                          Hey Sprigs

                          I may be interested, I'll give this guy a call tomorrow to see what it entails.
                          I am in NZ.

                          On 6/09/2017 1:28 PM, "XXXXX XXXXXX" <> wrote:
                          Hi Indodom

                          Give me a call in Sydney +61438 674-120
                          I can probably help you out with the dongle but I need to know where it has come from to be able to re-license it to you

                          XXXXX XXXXXX
                          Mob:- 0111 ssss 3333


                          • #14
                            Fsx dongle sold.
                            mods please close this thread