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Congrats to @Doze (NET) and @Bradford (GROSS) winning the TGC 2019 SUMMER TOUR - The Open Championship !

Join this weeks TGC 2019 SUMMER TOUR - World Golf Championship with 2 rounds at Firestone CC South (ProTee) :
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Nike GC2 $3500

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  • Nike GC2 $3500

    I purchased the Black Friday bundle intending to sell the new GC2 and keep this one. Unfortunately this one does not work with the HMT. So as long as you don’t intend to get an HMT down the road, you won’t have any issues. This is not Apple compatible but the Bluetooth works fine with a pc to play TGC, JNPG, E6, or FSX. I would assume it would connect to an android tablet but I don’t have one to test out. I have used this for the last 3 years and it has served me well. You can check my tournament scores on here to verify that it works, or I can send a video.

    It comes with a megaflash that should last several years under normal use as well as an old style foresight flash as a backup. I was able to position this side by side with my brand new GC2 and hit shots that were picked up by both units, and the readings were very close to each other. So you can be sure that this reads ball data as well as a new one. The only difference that I can see between this and my new one is that it won’t work with the HMT or an iPad, and it says Nike on it. The battery still holds a charge long enough for a driving range session although I have only used it outside a couple of times. It also includes a nice Nike hard case with custom foam cutouts. I have priced it at the low end of what I have seen GC2s selling for lately, so please no low ballers. I know it has a low serial number but GC2s are built to last.

    I will ship anywhere in the the continental US. If you have any questions please post them below and I will do my best to answer them.
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    Hi, I am interested. I don't understand the Nike version of this...just a branding thing? I am building my first simulator and was set on a ST, but I've heard these are worth it... What are the licensing issues with transferring from you to me? Would I need to purchase software? Sorry for the newbie questions.


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      This has been sold. Thanks for all the inquiries.