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Launch Angle and Spin for Xi

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  • Launch Angle and Spin for Xi

    I own an Xi and enjoy it for club evaluation and skills practice. Like many, I would prefer access to more of the data the unit is already capable of capturing but simply can't justify the upgrade cost of even an Xi+.

    With the release of the Mevo and its ability to display Launch Angle and Spin, I feel Flightscope should offer a more modest price upgrade to Xi users allowing us access to these additional parameters.

    I did ask Flightscope directly, initial receiving a potential positive response only for the possibility to disappear.

    I'd be interested in the thoughts of current Xi owners.

    Good idea?

    What is a fair upgrade price?

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    I absolutely agree that they should allow some option to upgrade the Xi. I was pretty annoyed when the mevo was released. It gives more data and costs a fraction of the cost of an Xi. I'd be quite willing to pay $300 for upgrading my Xi to allow a few more data parameters, launch angle and spin number would be great. That way it would allow some aspect of shaft fitting without taking away from the Xi+ which has significantly more data fields.

    Unfortunately I am not holding my breath. The useless support from them has put me off their company. Not replying to emails, buggy apps, not releasing a Flightscope Video app for Android even though they said they would. The mevo app has far superior functions for recording the swing than any of the Flightscope apps (bar the iPad only Video app). Even allowing the skills and vx app to work on phones, such a simple thing they have yet to do.


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      Thanks for your reply.

      I was thinking in a similar ballpark upgrade price about 1/2 the price for a mevo for the addition of launch angle and spin only.

      Fortunately I use an iPad for the apps although I agree update bugs are a preventable pain (lost access to all my old data for a month or so following a VX update)

      I actually don't use the video feature because I prefer the better control on offer using the Hudl app.