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Congrats to @allen2be (NET) and @Marc Andre (GROSS) winning the TGC 2018/2019 WINTER TOUR - The Players Championship !

Join this weeks TGC 2018/2019 WINTER TOUR - Valspar Championship with 2 rounds at New Mississaugua G&CC white :
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  • Flightscope Mevo

    This looks like a very cool in-expensive launch tracker. I was wondering if there are any efforts to support a simulator with it?

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    Originally posted by Chuck View Post
    This looks like a very cool in-expensive launch tracker. I was wondering if there are any efforts to support a simulator with it?
    Most likely not possible, since it does not appear to capture horizontal launch angle or spin axis. All your shots would go dead straight!


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      Exactly,Thames the type of monitor I’d like🤪


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        Yes, looks good and I have a son that plays baseball so I might invest in one of these for easy range usage as well as doubling up for baseball.

        But, yes, it wouldn't work for simulators as Shardak said.


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          I'm giving this a whirl purely for range,practice,fun, and data. Based on the pretty unanimous positive reviews I've seen of this thing and high marks for accuracy it seems to hit a sweet spot price wise. I've mulled over many of the other basic LM's and this is the first one that ticks the boxes for me. I love data and this will help me log some practice and setup some benchmark info session to session, and year over year.


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            I just bought one too, should be here early next week. I used to own a Flightscope X2 and then a GC2 so I'm familiar with having a launch monitor.

            I'm really just hoping I can get some accurate speed numbers and carry numbers from the mevo at the driving range as the normalized data will help when it comes to practice. My range plays quite a bit downhill plus it's very windy. Some days I'm hitting 9 iron and some days I'm hitting 5 iron to the same target depending on if it's downwind or into the wind, having some good normalized data for carry distance would help a lot.


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              Well I'm not quite as spoiled for choice but I was thinking regardless of the balls (range or other) you can at least get a sense of swing speed and track the launch that way, as a benchmark rather than a definitive total distance. When you realize the limitations of the unit, the mevo's quite a deal for the price comparatively.


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                I've had one for a coupe of months and I also have recently acquired a Skytrak. I think the both have advantages depending on the task. Some day I'll take the time for a through post regarding what I just wrote.
                However one very clear advantage of the MEVO is that it provides a simple and convenient way to make a video recording of your swing with a data overlay. My original intent was to sell the MEVO after buying the Skytrak. I now plan to keep both.


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                  How long does it take the Mevo app to show your data after you hit a shot? And is there any way to connect a Mevo to a PC instead of a phone?