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Which golf net is best to pair with Xi Tour?

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  • Which golf net is best to pair with Xi Tour?

    I recently purchased the flightscope Xi tour. I will be using the Xi tour at my local driving range 2-3 times per week. I also wanted to purchase a golf net to hit and track real balls into. I do not have adequate space in my condo to set up a net and swing. Nor am I able to permanently place a golf net up on the grounds outside. Their is a park about 5 minutes away that is perfect to set up the Xi Tour with a net. Flightscopes VX app recommendation is as follows; Indoor mode - at least 8 yards carry distance, or indoor long which equals Less than 40 yards of carry before hitting an object.

    I was was looking at the Spordia SPG-7. I want a net that I can hit at least 8 yards or more back from, not worry about a slice running away from the net, and set up easy. I am great full for any insight.

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    I use a Rukket SPDR. It's ~$250.

    It's at least 7' tall, and ~10' wide, and it folds up into a study carry bag. Unlike other folding systems, the net stays attached to the frame while folded. This makes setup pretty easy once you get used to how to unfold it. The frame is sturdy metal, but the entire setup is portable. Like you, I setup in a local park, and breakdown after I've finished my practice.

    The net comes with side wings that I use for shank protection, and a tri-turf mat. The included mat isn't incredibly high quality, but its good enough for now. I've been hitting north of 500 ball a week into mine for the last few months without any accidents.


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      I bought a spornia to start off with. Wouldn't recommend


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        I'm in a similar situation with inside space but do have room outside for a permanent setup.

        I've been looking at the flightscope as well but unsure on net size.

        Given the minimum carry distance requirement. Any idea on how tall the net would need to be to hit wedges?