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Which Simulation Software for Flightscope X3

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  • Which Simulation Software for Flightscope X3

    Ok, since this is my first post: Hi my Name is Axel and I am a golf addict.

    Hence my new Project for the winter: An Indoor Golfsimulator. I already owe an FS X3, so the Hardware is not the Problem. But what Software to use…

    I downloaded the E6 Connect Demo, but i am not very happy with it - and it is a bit expensive. Has anyone experience with FS and the TGC 2019 Software or Creative Golf 3D? Or any other recommendations?

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    Seems like I found the answer in another post: TGC 2019 isn't compatible with Flightscope (post was vom Jan 2018).


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      Hi what don’t you like about the E6 Connect Demo there are a few of us on there that have Flightscope and actually like E6 Connect. Graphics are great so is game play.

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    I think this isn't actuall post but maybe you didn't finished your searching for software
    We made demo version for X3, so you can try it.
    Creative Golf 3D -
    Golfisimo -


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      Ok - I have tried the two Demos E6 and Creative Golf.

      Both work fine with the Flightscope X3. Maybe it was due to my Laptop (altough Ryzen 7 and Vega 10) but the Creative Golf was more responsive with less lag-time. It was fun to play! The E6 was a lot more detailed - on a screen it looks amazing.

      What I found interesting is that the E6 also runs on an IPad - Sadly they don’t offer a demo log in to test it. Otherwise this would be my preferred solution