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Charging the Mevo+

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  • Charging the Mevo+

    When I plug the Mevo+ in to the wall to charge, it’s beeps, then a few lights flash, then it settles on the radar light and first battery light flashing blue. I heard on the webinar that if you hold the power button too long when you turn it on it enters a different mode (no clue what that mode is), but is there a way to know if it’s charging properly and if it’s in the proper mode?

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    When you turn the unit on just hold the power button until you hear 1 beep and then let it go. In the webinar they were saying just don't continue to hold the button beyond the first single beep.

    This is in the manual but below is some information on what all the light sequences indicate
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      So when I’m charging now, the first battery light is sold, and the second blinking blue. However, the radar light is also blinking blue. Have you seen that? I assume the unit is off, but it beeped when I plugged it in.


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        Yes, I believe the unit is off and charging and it always beeps when plugged in