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Replacement Units new or used?

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  • Replacement Units new or used?

    After sending some diagnostic info to FlightScope, they are replacing my unit (I have been unsuccessful in getting putts to read with any regularity). When I asked if the replacement unit is new or used, they replied that the unit "will be brand new in the box sealed". However, there will be no E6 code with it. I recall reading that some people had been given refurbished units. Is there a way to verify the unit is new?

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    I received my replacement in the mail last week. My replacement was not sealed and my first thought when looking it over was that it had already been used. It does work better than the first unit I received and when I reached out to Flightscope to ask if it was refurbished, they confirmed it was new and had been opened to test it out and make sure it was working correctly/calibrated before they sent it out.
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      That's good to hear. Thanks. Can you tell me if the putting is better? What is your setup (angle, distance, etc.)?

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    Well, I got my replacement about a week ago... because mine stopped powering on. My new unit box wasn't wrapped in plastic, but everything appears to look new from what I can tell. I know it's a more recent build, because I had one from the first couple batches, with "issue 1" printed near the serial number on the back, and it had "Mevo+" printed under flighscope on front... the new unit does not.

    I suspect as KSU2002 mentioned, Flightscope unwrapped it to both test the unit before shipping (hopefully) as well as remove the E6 license card from the replacement box.. so customers don't get an additional E6 license, since we already have one.

    My new unit works just fine. Putting is the same as my old one, which worked fairly well... but I don't expect much out of the putting experience on a sim anyway. Short chipping under say 20 yards is still sketchy on the new unit.. but improved over my old unit. My old unit would not read anything at all under 40 feet. The new one will read chips as short as say 15 feet.. but at times I get super high chips or weird reads the shorter they get... which is fine really... I rarely play Sim courses or practice chipping or putting on the sim. Driver is actually improved for me. Spin still seems higher than it should be but my distances are better on the new unit than my old one. I also have far far fewer no reads on the new unit compared to my old one.. and so far, less disconnecting issues.

    I will also say mine came with firmware version .13 installed. I've been holding off updating it at all while it's working so well.... but I hear the .17 that's coming soon may resolve many issues users are having with putting, chipping, and driving distances.. so we will see... i'm going to let the community test out .17 as well for a while and see how people like it before I bother to update.. don't want to ruin a good thing here! Lol..