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Congrats to @Michael Stuewe winning the TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - Tournament of Champions !

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Estimated spin number?

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  • Estimated spin number?

    I recently bought an xi+. I have it set up indoors right now for the winter. I have been getting quite a bit of estimated spin numbers ( like when there is a * next to the spin rpm).

    I understand that this will happen with radar indoors when the ball is moving fast with low spin. But I have seen this number frequently with short and mid iron's, which to me doesn't make sense.

    I am a collegiate golfer with above average speed, which doesn't help. My 7 iron ball speed is about 135- 140 mph spins in the mid 7000s, but I will get a random 4000 estimated spin on a solid strike and the ball carries an extra 20 yards. It's just getting frustrating. Because it should spin enough to pick it up.

    i have the metal sticker on with 11 feet Sensor to ball..Ball to screen is 12 feet. I have more room. To play with, but if I go further back I will hit wedges over top of the screen.

    Has anyone found a way to limit this from happening? Any input would be appreciated because I'm still new to all of this. Thanks!

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    I've found hitting off a mat can produce lower spin numbers than I would expect, also using a rock vs a premium ball has the effect.


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      At 11 feet with the sticker and a 7 iron you should be getting better results. You should be able to see the sticker at address. Can you? Is the latest short distance firmware on it? I find with Xi that sometimes it's still reading the ball into the screen or net. If the net pulls it to the side I found some strange readings. It's like the ball is going straight then slides.