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GC2 without FSX software

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  • GC2 without FSX software

    I am considering purchasing a GC2. Do I need the FSX software ? I plan to use GC2 for sim and range. I was thinking of just getting TGC as they have a driving range option in there as well. Any opinions ?

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    first off the firmware update for gcq will activate the bluetooth and this will happen in the near future so that takes care of one rumor even though the bluetooth will be encryted and will not be usable for third party, FR1 is obsolete and can not even be bought anymore as foresight has taken this off the shelf for purchase, and with the trade in units that are coming out the units will be limited on the bluetooth capabilities. these are facts and to let you know lincon that i walked away from the GCQ for the bluetooth reason. All i can say just wait and see what will happen with the trade in units that go up for sale through foresight, the bluetooth chip will not be the same as what i have in my GC2 right now.


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      It doesn't matter that FR1 is obsolete. People have purchases it. You can't change bluetooth on the GC2 without breaking FR1. You certainly can't enable encryption with bluetooth and have it work with FR1. Encryption needs to be setup on both ends of the connection. They will not be updating FR1 to support this.

      I could be wrong but I don't think a single thing will change with the "refurbished" systems. Foresight won't wipe the dust off your screen without charging you. I don't see them spending money on a new board/chip with the meager markup they are getting for the used units. As you say, time will tell. Just like it did for bluetooth encryption. Obviously, they are having issues figuring this out otherwise it would be enabled on launch with the GCQ.

      I know you are just relaying information you've been told by Foresight reps but I question that information.


      • goatbarn
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        No way they can't just send out an update for FR1 that provides the keys for the encryption hand shake? I don't think that's unreasonable to think they might do that. Sure its not supported anymore, but that would close the only existing customer loophole theyd need to lock out 3rd part integration on the GC2 units that come in for repairs. Of course, no one knows for sure besides FS...

      • mmlincon
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        Would you install the update if you wanted to use the old bluetooth? They can't block you out like they can with the online FSX. It runs from a usb token.

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      so do i as why i cancelled my GCQ in the meantime not going to be stuck with only driving on a one way street


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        I doubt they will block anything out on any of the bluetooths on the gc2 machines there or at least the ones sent in for repair. Havent they been charging a flat $1000 fee to people who bought the gc2 brand new and didn't want to buy fsx or whatever? So they cant screw over the people that paid this fee and the right to use their gc2 as they like then. And for all they know these used units are coming from a friend or family member as a gift and since they are also paying the 500 transfer fee all else should stay the same logically, don't see why they would mess with this and royally piss off customers that may have already paid the $1000 fee.


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          They are not going to do anything on the customer owned machines. Period. It's only the units they sell moving forward as they are still going to offer GC2 as new units and refurbished for slightly less cash than new It's these new or forsight refurbished units that will have limited BT capacity and require FSX. Every be else out there is safe and can continue to use TGC or FR1 if they have it so no need to worry.

          I personally don't play courses much and use the unit almost exclusively for game improvement. The reason I got the Q is I want the increased portability, better battery and alignment stick to increase game improvement more and be able to take to my home course too. If I was just a sim guy I'd probably stay with GC2 and or get a skytrack. For me the decision tree was get the GCQ for a few grand or scrap my whole setup and spend 25k on a trackman and I think (hope) the Q will be on par with trackman in most aspects and better for indoor game improvement.


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            Well it's now 6-2019 and it appears mmlincon was correct.