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Any FR1 owners out here?

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  • Any FR1 owners out here?

    Do you guys see Spin Axis (Tilt Angle) in degrees, instead of Sidespin and Backspin in RPM?

    I see the option to change it from Sidespin/Backspin RPM to Spin Axis (Tilt Angle) in degrees, in iPad app, FSX, and GC2 screen.

    I just don't see this in FR1. I went into options but can't see it. And I asked Foresight but they don't know either.

    Any ideas?

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    Why do you care? The spin axis is simply the arctan(side spin/backspin), where arctan if the trigonometry function arc-tangent.


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      It is because I want to compare on the fly vs Trackman whether I am outdoor or indoor. I have to plug that number in the excel later which is not a convenient practice. Ipad app doesnt show the total distance and lack stuff that FR1 is better in comparing.

      Do you know if there is one in FR1 software? It will be great if you can answer my question.


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        Most cheap calculators have an arctan key for easy computing. FR1 puts up its defaults in either practice, play or fitting mode. You get no choice.

        Total distance is kind of useless since it depends on some assumed ground hardness and slope which launch monitors have no clue about. If you are attempting to compare flight algorithms then comparing decent angle, which appears in FR1 club fitting, might be a better choice.


        • LEO MODE
          LEO MODE commented
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          Oh yeah of course on the total distance. Even Trackman is the same thing. But I still just like to see and compare the difference on both devices assuming its based on flat normal ground anyway.

          I am using club fitting mode only specifically. I do feel fsx is better in this regard though. I bought fr1 because it was much cheaper and i thought it literally had the same club fitting aspect to it, which it does except showing spin axis.

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        Ok now I have another weird issue.

        I have 4 monitors so I wanted to output my screen onto the projector screen.
        However, in FR1 screen option, not only could I select 2 monitors only (which 2 are computer monitors and 1 is TV and the other is a projector), when I actually selected the second monitor, chose 1080p (my monitor is 4k though) and chose fullscreen, now all of a sudden I can't click anything in the menu.

        I tried reinstalling, deleting the Foresight folder, trying to wipe everything out, contacted Foresight sports (troubleshoot told me to just delete foresight folder and reinstall), changed resolution. Nothing is working. Just still the same 1080p full screen with no ability to click anything in the game.

        I demoed FSX and didn't have this issue, but with FR1 along with this issue, I couldn't even move the screen from one monitor to another when it was in Windows mode (FR1 would just crash).

        Does anyone how to resolve this issue?


        • Stingreye
          Stingreye commented
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          Maybe try the borderleas gaming program?

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        Unfortunately didn't fix it. This is very annoying. I cannot get my FR1 to work haha. Foresight can't even fix it.


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          FR1 was around when 2 monitors were a lot. Not surprised it can't handle 4.


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            A 'FIX' is not possible because it has been developed with its window handle requiring 'FOCUS' when it loses the mouse focus it will minimise, i remember building applications like this in the 90s and early 2000s.

            I have 3 monitors and a projector, I run FR1 fine and If I have forgotten to load another program like Air Keyboard, I can simply ALT+TAB to desktop, load it, and ALT+TAB back to FR1, with it regaining the input focus.

            I can make FR1 lose the mouse focus (i.e. Menu options will not highlight) but that usually happens if I start window shifting, If FR1 started on a monitor and not my projector.

            So don't waste your valuable golfing time looking for a solution, go hit balls.


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              Ok so I just wasted money for software I can’t use after buying within 15 days?

              well the problem is different than yours.

              Simply, i can move the mouse around within the screen as it is 1080p full screen on a 4k monitor, but i cannot click anything in the screen. I can push alt+tab and go to different windows but when i go back into the game i cant click anything.


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                I had that on when TGC would load on my Monitor (1920x1200) and I would switch it to my projector (1920x1080) using windows Key+Shift +arrow left/right. The mouse mappings stayed at 1920x1200 so clicking a button did not work but click 120 pixels below the button did! hehe


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                  Ok i can move the windows but every time i try clicking it both monitors blink then it goes back to the desktop. I tried clicking within the game but there is just no way. Not working. Wow a $1000 junk... do i need a 1080p monitor perhaps??


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                    Oh my, I fixed it! So I have 4 monitors: 4K TV, 2 4K monitors and 1 1080p projector. In FR1 setting, I set my main monitor as one of the 4K monitors and the resolution was 1080p (because I wanted to project it to my projector). But after everything not working and reading how vrpunk troubleshooted it, what I did was (and this is not actually related with vrpunk solution but you still gave me some kind of an idea!), I disconnected all the display and just connected one monitor which was a 1080p that was in my storage room. And voila, it works....

                    So possibly the problem was that the game is registered as 1080p but because my resolution was 4k it wouldn't match the pixel.

                    Anyways, I'm glad I revived it...My $1000 was going to go to waste...


                    • vrpunk
                      vrpunk commented
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                      Nice one. I also use something called Monitor Profile Switcher. Before I load FR1 I make the projector the Main display by using a Hot Key. FR1 then loads up on the projector.

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                    Please post video or pictures of SIM room..
                    very interested in how everything looks.


                    • LEO MODE
                      LEO MODE commented
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                      I am also in the process of swapping out and revamping my hitting mat to fiberbuilt and a putting mat, because cce is pretty hurting me.

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                    LEO MODE You may have posted this elsewhere but what's your review of Fiberbuilt now vs CCE? Feel, ball action , most realistic compared to IRL. Also why not get the True strike?


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                      I have only used Fiberbuilt in commercial areas, but after 2-3hrs of playing I had no wrist/elbow pain like the CCE did. Realistic accuracy and what not, I can't say because I haven't brought those into the real grass and compared them side by side (unfortunately I don't have a golf course around me that provides real grass range).

                      I didn't get Truestrike simply because it just felt like too much money and I couldn't buy just the strips. Currently I am just using Divot Action and so far so good with no pain. There was some Youtube reviews of comparing different mats including Fiberbuilt and Truestrike and they all seemed to provide similar numbers anyway. So I wouldn't worry too much about accuracy. You're not hitting on the grass anyway


                      • Solstice72
                        Solstice72 commented
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                        K, thanks, the cce may catch the club too much, but is the Fiberbuilt the kind of range mat that "skips" the club for artificial good outcomes on fat shots?