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GC2 verses Skytrak for outside use

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  • GC2 verses Skytrak for outside use

    I purchased a Skytrak to use in garden hitting into a Net Return. I have a Protee sim but want to get outside in summer. Skytrak is hard to setup quickly as sometimes I can spend 10-20 mins setting up so it reads every shot. It takes away the fun of it. Grass surface is not completely flat even with a large hitting mat on it, but more or less level.

    Can anyone confirm would a GC2 be easier to setup than a Skytrak for outside use. Ideally I want to set the golf monitor down and play with no messing around.

    Also placing balls on a tee for driver, do you need to move GC2 or will it pick the shots up due to GC2 larger hitting zone?

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    I've used it outside a couple of times and it was as easy as setting it down and hitting away. I didn't have any issues w/ the driver either. In addition, I used the Foresight app on an ipad to compile the data.


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      Thanks for that, I’m very disappointed with Skytrak as I used it today outside and was only reading 50% of shots. Took it to driving range and same thing. Indoor use monitor, once it is setup and not moved works well, if it has to be moved about then not fit for purpose.


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        Skytrak is not the greatest outside, gc2 will definitely be better here. GC2 also has a larger hitting area so better here as well. HLA is more consistently accurate on GC2. Whether or not the cost difference is worth it will be up to you. If main goal is outside use, that pretty much dictates which hardware to go with.


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          Thanks for the advice guys.


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            Because I don’t have my sim room setup yet, I’ve been using my GC2 on the range. It’s been working great. No missed reads.


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              Echoing the pro-gc2 comments. I've taken mine to the range a few times now, and never had a miss read


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                Thanks for the advice guys, Skytrak getting returned, all I need now is a GC2.