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FSX 2020 Not Opening

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  • FSX 2020 Not Opening

    Sorry if there is already a thread about this but I cannot find one.

    Downloaded the most recent version of FSX 2020. My PC specs are all well above the required amounts so I know that is not the issue. Every time I install the software and then double click the FSX icon on my desktop it brings up the black Foresight screen and then completely closes out. Have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times with the same results. Has anyone encountered this or heard about it and have a solution to fix it?
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    I posted this in another thread a couple days ago. I am by no means a computer tech, but this is what worked for me. I ran task manager and it said my "C" drive was at 100% capacity and running in the Red. I looked on line and the solution was to right click the drive click on properties and run disk clean up.

    So far......worked for me.



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      Only time I've had that happen was a camera issue, I mean an FSX issue....

      Try unplugging your camera.

      It happened to me when something changed in Windows and because of the change FSX could no longer handle my cam with the settings I had. It was very frustrating and FSX and cams still piss me off, could be so much better...

      Give it a try. Hope you figure it out if not, but something conflicting is likely.


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        Thanks for the response. I have 464 GB left on the drive not have a camera so that is not the issue.


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          John - I had the issue where It would boot up then close or freeze. What I learned is I could not authenticate to the FSX Server due to Comcast was blocking the server from authenticating back to my pc. You can log into and try changing your setting of online play and turn it off. I was able to access the software. Once I changes the settings within my firewall I was able to go back. You get a certain amount of access within offline play.


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            Or just call Foresight support. they have been very helpful.


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              Appreciate the help all but finally figured out the issue. For whatever reason my PC did not automatically update a huge Windows update. So, did that and it now works.