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E6 Connect / FSX Play GC Hawk issues

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  • E6 Connect / FSX Play GC Hawk issues

    Hello, I'm having issues with FSX Play. I get a couple of holes and the game will stop taking inputs from the GCHawk. I can tell the GCHawk is still responding as the ball detection light comes in when I put it in the ball detection area. When I hit it nothing happens. Closing the game and reopening it fixes the issue temporarily until it happens again.

    I've reinstalled all software, recalibrated the overhead sensor. Gotten the Overhead sensor completely replaced under warranty. Replaced the entire computer with new hardware.

    Foresight sports support runs me in circles with no real actionable issues other than do a firmware upgrade / Recalibrate / Sens logs.

    FSX LIVE works fine without issues ever since we replaced the overhead sensor (something was wrong with the GCHawk we originally had)

    GC Hawk does this plugged in via USB C or Ethernet.

    I'm at a complete loss at this point. Any help would be appreciated as I've exhausted all efforts with Foresight.
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