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Upgrade 2018 FSG system to Ion 3 and new FSG software?

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  • Upgrade 2018 FSG system to Ion 3 and new FSG software?

    Hi everyone,
    I have been tracking this forum for a while as a spectator and now finally "officially" joined and hoping to get some thoughts from others.
    So I bought my FSG S2 Simulator back in 2018 and have been happy with it overall but it definitely has some shortcomings vs other products on the market right now. For me the 3 main complaints on my version of the sim would be :
    1> Putting - 50/50 on misreads and speed is unrealistic and not really playable, especially on shorter puts.
    2> Lack of video capture on club data
    3> Software - E6 1.6 is dated/limited and lack of compatibility with 3rd party software (Notably E6 Connect and TGC 2019)

    I called FSG and I can upgrade my system to the new FSG software and Ion 3 camera but the price is not trivial and I could basically get just about any of the other top rated systems(think GC Quad/GC Hawk/Uneekor Eye XO) on this forums for about the same price.

    Now I know the Ion 3 addresses the Video capture part and I like the integration with Swing Catalyst but I hear putting is still an issue and software obviously the same.

    So the question is, is it worth it or would you guys just move on and go with one of the other products? ( I did try the Eye XO and didn't have a great experience so probably looking at GC Quad or Hawk)

    Thanks in advance

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    If it were me, I would start testing other products and find a way to test the new FSG system and then make the decision. The competition out there is good and if you are spending that kind of money why not compare and see what you could get. You may be able to sell your old system as well and pocket the cash on more courses, other software options, new set of clubs, or lessons.


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      I just upgraded to the latest FSG hardware. Losing the E6 1.6 online features is, in my mind, a MAJOR blow. Please let them (FS) know what you think about them not offering an E6 Connect option -- at least for now. I just sent in my question/complaint about this.