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Garmin R10 + E6 (on PC) Disconnecting Issue

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  • Garmin R10 + E6 (on PC) Disconnecting Issue

    Hey guys,

    Wondering if anyone else has had any disconnecting issues with the R10 playing E6 on PC?

    My R10 goes to "sending shot" 3-5 times per 18 holes and I have to disconnect/reconnect a few times to get it reconnected.

    It's not the end of the world but its definitely annoying for such expensive software, especially since I lose all my round data everytime.

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    I'm not sure what changed but I did a hard reset on everything - Garmin, Phone, Laptop, Router and played 18 yesterday without issue! Must have just been a network glitch or something as I have been having disconnecting issues for weeks with the Garmin.


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      Old thread, but I have same issue just as you describe. Seems many people on the garmin forum are reporting same thing. I'm playing android to PC e6 also.


      • rastam4n
        rastam4n commented
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        Please post on the Garmin Support forum if you have not yet done so. Especially since you are using android!

      • slikk66
        slikk66 commented
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        Yep I added mine note on their forum also