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Congrats to @Golf18 (NET) and @Bob Chung (GROSS) winning the TGC 2019 SPRING TOUR - PGA Championship !

Join this weeks TGC 2018/2019 SPRING TOUR - Charles Schwab Challenge with 2 rounds at Crooked Stick ProTee :
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NEW SC300 Voice Caddie Launch Monitor!

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  • NEW SC300 Voice Caddie Launch Monitor!

    The new SC300 is redesigned and now directly measures Launch Angle and Apex! Also it has an App now too for Spin and other uses.

    "Swing Caddie's latest rendition of its top-selling portable launch monitor is the SC300. In addition to the key metrics of carry/total distance, swing speed, ball speed, and smash factor, the fully revamped SC300 adds launch angle and apex, and with a fully robust app (the SC300 can be used with or without the app) also measures spin rate. Also included are distance voice output, adjustable loft angles, barometric pressure sensors, precision Doppler Radar technology and a full stats module."

    Price: $499.99

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    Here is the App!!!! I'm guess the project isn't released yet but the app is up! Looks to have a lot of features!

    Says "My Swing Caddie is useful for normal golfers to understand the result of swing practice for each club.
    Our free app to help you improve your swing by instantly measuring the most important aspects of your swing

    Users can use this APP to practice for specific purpose by monitoring real-time trajectory and data feedback and track the record of practice
    Shot practice data can be easily stored using this APP with SC300
    Get the FREE app today and start improving your game with ‘My Swing Caddie’!

    Notice : This app requires the use of a SC300.
    Compatible with iPhone and iPad.
    Supports iOS11 or higher

    Highlights include :
    Real-time data provided by a SC300
    Storing data and statistical information – Per club, Per date
    FW update for SC300
    Target mode for higher accuracy for Approach shot
    Data Available : Carry Distance, Ball Speed, Swing Speed, Smash Factor, Launch Angle, Apex, Spin(Dr. only)"
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      Looks cool I just bought a used Mevo for the range. I should of waited until after the show to see all the new products.


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        Originally posted by sherrow70 View Post
        Looks cool I just bought a used Mevo for the range. I should of waited until after the show to see all the new products.
        How does the Mevo Compare?


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          You dont get the view data on the device but have to view on the app. You basically get the same data. I do like the mevo so far its so small and the app is very nice. I thought of getting the SC200 but saw the mevo on ebay barely used for $300 so went with that. I compared it against my GC2 and numbers very close. It does what it needs to do very well.


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            The Mevo also measures spin directly through putting dots on the golf ball? SC300 I think only Calculates spin from the measured LA, Ball speed, Manual Club Loft input and apex. I'm guessing it's not that bad for spin.
            Imagine combining a Mevo or SC300 and Rmotion! Basically would have all the data.


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              Yes that would be nice. Yes you have to use dots but also read some reviews that it reads spin very well also with out the dots.


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                It looks like you still have to select a club/loft. I would guess the launch angle and apex are calculated if you need to input the club parameters.


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                  You have to select the club also when using Mevo


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                    It’s for spin calculation


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                      I compared SC200 briefly with Trackman outdoor before and noticed that Carry distance was more like a Total distance.

                      There was also a photo of SC300 shot somewhere and the Carry distance still looked like a Total distance.
                      Well if anyone can lend me, I would be able to test it vs Trackman outdoor and GC2/GCQ indoor and see the data differences, now that SC300 is said to also measure spin/height/launch angle which seemed to be pretty packed for a $500 launch monitor. App looks very slick too. I think it can beat Mevo if the data is more accurate.
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                        MEVO tracks spin though where SC300 is only estimated I believe. Who knows, maybe it will be more accurate. The SC200 was great.


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                          The description says spin is measured and only visible on a driver shot. We’ll see how that holds up I guess.

                          mevo required a dot which can’t be happening on a range.

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                        New Review on Range!


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                          Any reviews from anyone on here who tried it??


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                            Just received my new SC 300.
                            Charged it up and turned it on.
                            Can’t get it to shut up???
                            It’s sitting on my desk pointing towards the wall and it keeps giving me carry distances every five seconds ranging between 55 and 245 yards.
                            Absolutely no movement in front of it.

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