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Not registering a players shots

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  • Not registering a players shots

    The rmotion generally works great and I am enjoying it. My problem has to do with 1 friend that plays on the system with my clubs. The rmotion will not register his shots. Maybe 1 in 20 shots register, if that. He makes solid contact...has a bit of an outside in swing and does slice the ball on his off shots. The shots that do register show an open face of like 30 degrees which is just wrong. Yet any of my other friends can swing and it registers fine. Pitch shots usually drift offline right but otherwise pretty accurate. Support is helping but no solution yet. Any thoughts?

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    I Have a friend who is just like that. We think its two things: #1 he doesnt wait 1sec at adress, #2 bad angle at adress.
    These two may be the same as for you.

    Question: is your friend lefty?


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      A few things:

      1. Simple thing: is there anything between your friend and the dongle? Like his body? If so, it's not going to register consistently.

      2. I'd second the bit about waiting. I'd add that it seems to me that waiting too long can also lead to non-registered shots. I've noticed this repeatedly, with my driver in particular. I have some trouble getting into a good, consistent set-up with the driver, so I often end up leaving it still for a good bit of time while I shift my address position. It could be my imagination, but that seems to lead to non-registered shots. I've now taken to making sure the club is in motion until I set for the actual shot.

      3. And yes, angle at address is critical. The unit is reading a series of relative values not absolute ones (at least as I understand it). I.e. it's calculating everything relative to where the club was at when the swing started. It wants the clubhead to be square. If it's not square at the start but returns square at impact, then the R-motion is not going to see that as square. So a closed club face at at address is going to look open, if it's "square" at impact, and vice versa. At least that's how I understand it and have experienced it.

      4. The other matter is clip placement, but if he's using your clubs, that's not an issue I guess. For anyone else reading this, I'll note that it can make a big difference, especially with the putter. I ending up with all my puts going right, when I know for a fact they were not. I adjusted the clip to the right quite a ways and now they are going straight m/l.

      5. Finally, I'd note that once you get a non-read, it's worth reseting the unit (red light). You can do this by walking out of range or just by holding the clip behind your back with your body between it and the dongle. Again, not saying this is 100% the truth. It's just what has worked for me.


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        Thanks guys...will try some of these we haven’t tried. FYI he’s not a lefty. We are also going to see if his phone is possibly interfering with the Bluetooth. I’ve read electronic devices can mess with the signal and he has a Samsung while the others who have been playing have an iPhone. He came over one day and we played 9 holes without a missed shot...then next time it was back to missing every shot. So maybe he didn’t have his phone on him one day. Who knows....we'll keep trying as I like the device but want everyone to be able to play.