TGC Tour - Congratulations!

Congrats to @Wiscogolfnut (NET) and @Marc Andre (GROSS) winning the TGC 2019 SUMMER TOUR - 3M Open !

Join this weeks TGC 2019 SUMMER TOUR - John Deere Classic with 2 rounds at The Merion East Ardmore, PA (ProTee - Middle) :
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Hacking the clip

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  • Hacking the clip


    Received the R-motion a few days ago and so far it's working pretty well. Yes there are a few frustrations, but I'm sure I'll figure things out eventually!

    Unfortunately, the cheapskate I am only opted for one clip. I've since had a look at some of the suggestions on the forum and tested out the poster putty option. Initially I did it with the addition of a rubber band, which I felt added a lot more "security". After a while, once I was confident the putty was doing its thing, I got rid of the rubber band. But there's still something in the back of my mind that makes me feel like it could fly off into the neighbors garden at any stage! I'm sure over time I'll feel a bit more relaxed about it.

    In the meantime, I've been playing around with casting silicone, thinking that if I could re-create a mould that could house the tracker, I could then do multiple moulds on each club.

    So here's what I've done so far:
    1. Moulded a plastic version of the tracker (google instamorph) (got the shape within a mm or two, but erred one the side of smaller, so that there would be a snug fit).
    2. Suspended the plastic tracker in a shooter glass (couldn't think of anything else)
    3. Poured casting silicone into the glass and wait for it to set.
    4. Removed the silicone and cut away the section where the shaft would be.
    5. Cut a groove for the strap (velcro)

    The end result is quite hideous, but it handles a few swings, although it does rotate on the shaft, due to the poor cutting. The one positive is that the tracker fits nicely and wont come flying out - keeping the silicone shooter on the shaft is a whole other story!

    Going to try another version, this time moulding a plastic version of the shaft to put in the shooter glass before casting - hoping that will result in a more snug fit.

    Anyone else got any other ideas - tried something similar? (It might not be worth all the effort, since the putty works so well, but I'm too stubborn to give up now, haha!)


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    Maybe try CAD designing some new type of clip and 3D-print it?