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Sim won't register shots on new Win 10 gaming PC

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  • Sim won't register shots on new Win 10 gaming PC

    This is super odd and I've tried a bunch of things and nothing is working...

    The R-Motion Android & iOS app works just fine. Registers shots no problem.

    The sim works fine with my old Windows 7 laptop.

    On my year old, Windows 10, pretty powerful gaming PC, the dongle registers, the sensor registers and turns green but it will not register shots in the sim. As soon as I hit it, it turns blue or just doesn't register the stroke.

    What I've checked:
    1) I'm left handed so every time I go into the app, I make sure to switch my player back and forth from left to right back to left, just to make sure.
    2) I've shut off my real time anti-virus scanning (McAfee).
    3) Changed the dongle placement, etc.
    4) Sensor is facing the correct direction.

    Potential issues:

    1) I have yet to uninstall and re-install all the software, which I suppose I should try. The one thing I did was change the install location of the TCG software during installation. However, it offers that option, so I don't see why that would make a difference.

    2) In order to get the dongle outside of my basement where the computer sits so that it's outside on my patio where I hit the ball, I had to use a USB extension. It's a powered USB hub with a very short cable, just enough that I can get it outside. Again, the sensor turns green indicating that it is being picked up by the dongle. Just don't know if maybe the dongle just won't work unless plugged directly into the computer? Also would seem odd, seeing as everything else I've ever used plugged into one of these same powered USB hubs has had no problems, including other wireless dongles.

    I suppose it's okay in the long run since I can use it with my laptop, but I'd certainly have it running on my much more powerful PC with a more powerful graphics card, etc.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.