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Congrats to @Golf18 (NET) and @Bob Chung (GROSS) winning the TGC 2019 SPRING TOUR - PGA Championship !

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TGC 2019 Graphic Resolution

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  • TGC 2019 Graphic Resolution

    I was using Skytrak and TGC for my simulation system. My system use a Optoma WU515ST to project a WUXGA resolution(1920 x 1200) display and had been quite satisfied with the set up. I have been also very happy with TGC 2019 since upgraded. However, the Graphic Resolution setting bother me a little bit. The only setting I can select from the setting menu for WUXGA is only 1680 x 1050 instead of the 1920 x 1200 I can use in TGC. Is this the problem of my computer graphic card? I use a Asus AIO with a seems low end graphic card Intel HD Graphics 520. I am thinking to upgrade my system to GC2 and wonder if I change to a better computer with better Graphic card will let me have better choices in resolution?

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    Firstly, great projector, I would like this one for two reasons lumens and the lens shift, to move the projector off to the right and up by 10% so no problem with steep swing plane is what I need for coaching, do you use the lens shift? How is the lumens in a well lit room
    i am running a optoma 1080 darbee but my hitting screen will take 1920x1200

    i am running a GC2 and 1080ti with tgc2019 and fsx2018, you definitely need to upgrade the graphics card your loosing out on all that immersive height!

    checkout my images in other posts.


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      I do use the lens shift, both horizontal and vertical. That make you so much flexibility when installing the projector. I like the display brightness when there is some ambient lights. That's why I am so keen to elevate resolution for its optimum performance. I think a new computer is needed for the GC2.