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Congrats to @Chris Stevens (GROSS) and @Joe_S (NET) winning the TGC1 2020 SUMMER TOUR - Travelers Championship!

Join this weeks TGC1 2020 SUMMER TOUR - Rocket Mortgage Classic with 2 rounds at Royal Melbourne West (Pro Tee):
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Driving Ranges

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  • Driving Ranges

    Anyone got any courses that are actually just good as a driving range alternative? I've hear mthunt has one so I will look that up. Anymore that maybe have lots of island greens to hit at with different lengths?

    I've heard that every course actually also has it's on driving range but are any of these different from the normal one ?

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    mthunt dead flat range is the best.
    First "hole" is like a long fairway.
    Additional holes let you work on distance control on all you club set (incl.putting and chipping): speed/distance are the most important to control. Once you're OK with distance, you can work slopes and rebounds on the course or on TGC chipping/putting green.
    Distance (much more than direction) is key to keep the ball in the 2y-circle on your short approaches.


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      I just finished up a course named "The Facility" that is a driving range first, and secondly has 18 basic practice holes (mostly par threes) ranging from 35yds up to 380yds. Basically, you get to the first tee, and put TGC2019 into shot preview mode (hit "R" on the keyboard.) At this point, the course functions just like a driving range with the added bonus of having target greens with pins to aim at. Once you're done using the range, exit shot preview mode (hit "R" again) and play the course. Pins 1 and 2 are both full length, pin 3 is for juniors/women.

      Have fun