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Wildwood Country Club (L) - Louisville, KY

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  • Wildwood Country Club (L) - Louisville, KY

    Wildwood Country Club (L)
    Located in Louisville, KY

    Wildwood Country Club was built in 1952 on 177 acres of rolling hills with beautiful trees surrounding a lake that makes a wonderful backdrop for a casual, but challenging round of golf. Wildwood's signature hole is a stunning dogleg right. The short approach to a well-bunkered green is quite difficult, needing to carry a wide creek with a picturesque rock tiered waterfall, Hole #12 is not long, but accuracy is imperative.

    Holes - 18
    Tee sets - 5, including Jr. PGA League (black)
    Gold - 6,539 yards
    Blue - 6,283
    White - 5,959 yards
    Red - 5,248 yards
    Black - 3,819 yards
    Hole Locations - 4

    My take: Wildwood is not a very long course, but accuracy is key.
    It has very small greens, most of which are elevated and sloped front to back. Some also have multiple tiers. Be sure to keep the ball below the hole. Enjoy!

    Chuck, JakeGeezy, tlrcash

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    Nice work! I've played there several times. Nice golf course, you did it justice. Belonged to Woodhaven as kid.


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      mwnold Thanks for the feedback. I played Woodhaven last year with a friend. They’ve done a lot of work there since I last played it in high school.


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        Gorgeous! Well done RB4325 ! It's about 15min from my house and it's one of the few country clubs I've wanted to play... well next to the Valhalla. I've considered joining it if I could talk my brother into it. I'll be sure to look it up and fav it. I can't wait to give it a try.
        Courses Created: Cresent Hill KY (L)
        Cherokee Park KY (L) 9
        Seneca GC KY (L) 18


        • Brettster
          Brettster commented
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          Just curious, how much does it cost to join a country club in KY? I know up here they were throwing out the sign-up fee a few years back trying to get people to join... but that likely changed. I think it was $3,200 for senior members, and about $100/month in food/expenses to keep an active membership.

        • wildcatfan9698
          wildcatfan9698 commented
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          Midland Trail is golf only and unlimited walking is $ 1850 per year. I rarely use a cart, so not sure what that cost is, but likely $ 20/round. Nice course, always a waiting list to join though.

        • Chuck
          Chuck commented
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          Nice. Midland Trails, and just across the street from Valhalla. I guess Midland is the 'golf for the rest of us'. It looks like a very nice course on google maps.

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        Brettster It varies by club here in Louisville. In my opinion, we have 3 tiers of clubs excluding Valhalla. Wildwood falls in the middle. There is no initiation fee. For the regular family membership, it’s $345 per month with $200 quarterly food minimums. There are single and junior golfer plans that are a little cheaper. At the top tier clubs, I’ve heard of initiations of $10k-$30k with $500 monthly dues. The lower tier clubs have monthly dues around $250 with little to no initiation.


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          Great Job. Played there many times and this looks awesome. Can't wait to play in TGC 2019. Chuck did my home course Cherokee and can't wait to play that either will have my sim up and running in Feb.


          • Brettster
            Brettster commented
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            Hickory James - I know the feeling... been trying to finish mine and now it's so cold and I can't get enough heat into the building even with 4 heaters! Now - I'm considering a single Mini-Split with less power usage than several of the 1500 watts heaters I'm trying now. Keep telling myself, soon, soon... you too.

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          Played it today, and really enjoyed it. Quite amazing graphics, esp #12, for example. Not many courses finish with a part 3. One comment, on #6 the tee shot suggested a PUTTER. Not sure if that is you or TGC. Turns out a full swing putter goes about 70 yds! REWIND!


          • RB4325
            RB4325 commented
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            Thanks for the feedback dawms. I hate playing #18 IRL and agree it's a terrible finishing hole, but what can you do. That's weird about #6. I played it yesterday and didn't have that issue from the blue tees. I'll have to play again to see if I can recreate it.