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Looking to design my home course

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  • Looking to design my home course

    Hey all, just looking for any advice, tips or tricks, things to do to make it the most accurate etc.

    Im going to start designing my home town course, Caradoc Sands, Strathroy Ontario.
    Its been great playing all these PGA courses and all types. But would love to be able to recreate this and play it with my buddy’s. It’s pretty open but has some fun hopes and a few tough par threes with a big pond in the middle.

    Just looking for for best way to start, things to look out for, beat ways to do things.
    Will keep it updated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    1) get really familiar with google earth pro
    2) watch the videos here on designing
    3) build an artificial course first to hone your skills

    you can create anything but it’s a learning process. There’s a lot of cause and effect.


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      I second mthunt and add.
      4) download peekthrough (search youtube for overlay TGC designer or something like that)
      5) testplay the course several Times before publish. Once published theres no going back.
      6) use smooth brushes

      Good luck


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        Awesome thanks for your time. I found some really good videos from CrazyCanuk1985. Will take my time with it!


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          I'm sure I'll have some others lol But one thing, I'm going to do this on my laptop, once you get into TGC you can just disconnect Skytrak and start designing correct? Also would it be in my best interest to get some sore of controller as well or a actually mouse instead of Laptop trak pad.


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            While you are at it do bear creek too Hahaha. Played both those courses a few times.


            • KPaas
              KPaas commented
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              hahaha My friend and I were playing last night and said that as well. Going to start with Caradoc as it is not as elevated.
              I actually live in Strathroy so that was my old course growing up. Love Bear Creek, shame whats happened to it over the years.

            • Ports
              Ports commented
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              I hear they are selling a few holes off for development, might be easier only doing the 12 holes that will be left. Great course, ball eating machine though. Have to hit straight there or you be in with the poison ivy.

            • KPaas
              KPaas commented
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              Yea then nothing happened after that. A lot of speculation. Went as far as building another green to move number 9.
              It’s a money eater as well. Drainage is bad there so it floods on the back a bit. And club house is run down. Charge to much, they can’t afford the upkeep on the course when there is no members and slow walk on tee times, so it is a bit pricey.
              Just all around disappointing. But played it twice last year dispite my feelings. I missed it lol

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            The 18 Birdies App was a big help for me. Google maps for elevation data and 3D viewing of holes.