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Offset hiitting area making it subconsciously more difficult to start the ball right?

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  • Offset hiitting area making it subconsciously more difficult to start the ball right?

    I could be wrong here but it seems like I have more difficulty starting the ball right with my driver because my hitting area is offset right from center about a foot to compensate for a slightly narrower room. Like i'm subconsciously afraid to start the ball right (right handed golfer) to hit a slight draw because I'm afraid of hitting the right edge of the screen, corner, or even the right wall.
    Has anyone else noticed this? I have a decent size screen at 12' wide with about 15" of screen border on each side.
    It almost seems like I may be coming over the ball more than normal just so I don't don't start the ball too far right and hit the wall. In reality I'd have to be starting the ball about 30 degrees right to hit the wall so not even sure if that's possible unless I shank it.
    My current sim set up was in my living room temporarily but I am moving in the in next few weeks where I will have a dedicated room but with roughly the same dimensions so will likely have the same issue. Only difference is the right side of the new room is open so I'll probably have curtains hanging on that side to prevent any shanks or shots that start way right from straying to the other side of the room.

    Anyone using JUST curtains to protect right side of room from stray shots/shanks. Has that been sufficient?

    I'll probably ask that question in another post as well but any input is appreciated.

    Thanks all.

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    My friend recently came over to play a round, and he is a 9 handicap, but was pulling every shot to the left, we were saying that he was mindful of the wall on the right and hence the pulled shots. So your theory is definitely true.


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      If you have a wall on the right, most definitely!!! Will be better when you have curtains or anything other than a wall. I have a net, no issues. I have 16 feet to screen and 4 feet to right edges of the screen. That’s a lot of room for error but I wouldn’t even think about it without a net.


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        As a 12' screen with 15" each side gives plenty of wall clearance), I suggest you're either:

        a) subconsciously pulling the ball back to the target if you're aren't using a compensating offset in the game, or
        b) coming over the top in fear of swinging out towards a GC2/SkyTrak/ES16 launch monitor, or
        c) tentatively staying back on your right side and flipping through, subconsciously trying to keep the swing compact when indoors.


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          Regarding the open side curtain question. I have a garage setup on the left bay. It’s open to the right. I’ve hung a ceiling to floor heavy theater type curtain that I picked up on Amazon with a ceiling mount. I slide it out when we play and simply slide it back when we’re done. It works perfectly. Can even keep the car parked on the other bay.


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            I've heard a few shots of vodka could solve the mental issue. Can't confirm that. I think the curtains will be fine as you've described it for the new room since there is nothing behind the curtain. If a curtain is right against a wall, it wouldn't stop it but it would slow it down notably, but the first foot or something after impact it would still be going pretty fast. If the curtain is relatively thick and is free hanging, it would stop the ball after moving the curtain 2-3 feet back from impact