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Pricing for high end enclosure installed

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  • Pricing for high end enclosure installed

    I am putting in a sim into a new house. I have a gc2 and computer already. But I am lacking on both time and skills to DIY, and I want an enclosure done to a very high commercial grade (ie aboutgolf or similar) standard. Dimensions will be 14’ width and 18’ deep by 9’ h.

    What range should I expect to pay and anything I should consider before hiring someone to do this?

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    I would definitely look for an installer that has done simulator enclosures before, both so they can hit the ground running and so you can see pictures of their past jobs. I'm sure a good general contractor could do it, but if they have to research all of the ins and outs before building it, you will be paying for their time spent researching one way or another. Lots of people on here have used Par2Pro and seem to be really happy with them.


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      I would second the recommendation of using Par2Pro. Cory and his team are excellent. They did not do my install, but I bought the raw products from them and their customer service is exceptional. I think the main advantage is that this is "what they do", so as Andy says, there is no learning curve. You tell them what you want, they can advise on the best approach and then make it happen.