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FlightScope's Xi Tour or Trackman 3e

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  • FlightScope's Xi Tour or Trackman 3e

    I'm really close to purchasing a new Xi Tour but have come across a Trackman 3e Indoor for the same price.

    How would the features and accuracy of these units compare?

    With the Xi Tour I get the VX and Skills software free. Do I have to purchase software for the Trackman?

    The Trackman is an indoor model. Will it work at the range?

    I get a warranty with the Xi Tour as it is new.

    My primary goal is ball striking data. Face to target, Face to Path, Club path, Launch angle, AoA and spin/axis.


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    Data-wise, they should be pretty similar (although I never compared it side by side that was the consensus I've been getting). Trackman excels in better software and user interface. However it costs more to activate outdoor mode (need to pay $5~6000 to activate outdoor mode). If money is an issue I would go with Flightscope since it comes with both indoor/outdoor mode. If you want the best radar launch monitor in the world I would go with Trackman.

    Trackman also options - note it's an option - you to update software up to date. So if you buy it used and software is expired and you want to upgrade to the latest, you would need to catch up all the years up to today. i.e. if software expired in 2015 and you want the latest feature, then you need to pay $2000 for 3 years worth of software upgrade.


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      Trackman indoor doesn’t work outside. If the ball carries more than 20 yards it’ll show no data.
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