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Congrats to @R3dlineR6 (NET) and @Fantastish (GROSS) winning the TGC 2018/2019 SPRING TOUR - RBC Canadian Open !

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  • Building options

    Not sure if this is the right place, but here goes:

    I’m looking for options to buy a building. I have a few locally, but not sure about them. I saw a post where someone said they bought a 20 by 30 for around $2,000, and I have found nothing like that. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

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    If someone bought a 20 x 30 for $2k, it was either used, made out of aluminum foil, or had no walls.

    Cheapest I've been able to configure is a 16 x 24 for about $5k.


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      Thanks. I have another question: I’m about to go forward with my building, will be buying a fabricated one. Other than size, are there any things I need to consider first? Windows, no windows, etc.?

      I also want want to be able to film swings in there. What should I be doing about lighting?

      Thanks in advance!


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        Let me know what you decide to go with. I've been looking for a few years now and I can't find one that is close to these dimensions: 15' W x 15' L x 10' H.