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  • Best offline software

    Ok I’ve done some searching and have found nothing concrete on this. I’m debating getting a skytrak but I’m at a loss for what software to run. I live out in the country so I stuck with satellite internet.

    My WiFi strength sucks, max download of 25mps and once we reach 150g it’s throttled down to 400kps. So I’m looking for something where i can have multiple players, tee’s etc. Have multiple courses for offline play and maybe able to switch them out.

    Would love to see the pro’s and con’s for the software concerning offline. Cost, course selection etc. thanks guys. We all don’t have cable or fiber optic internet.

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    On TGC you can play 15 courses offline. Not sure about any other. You can also use your skytrak software offline.


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      FSX is also meant to have an offline option, but when I implemented it (pre 2018 version) it caused problems and Foresight said it was still requiring fixes. I'm not sure if that has been resolved yet, but it could be worth checking with them.


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        Fitness Golf allows for multi-players, and almost all of the 161 courses have multiple tees. Once you download the 161 courses you do not need an internet connection to play any of them.


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          Originally posted by Rkirwin22 View Post
          On TGC you can play 15 courses offline. Not sure about any other. You can also use your skytrak software offline.
          15 of your choice, or determined ???


          • Rkirwin22
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            They are pre-determined. I believe this is the list:

            Little Brook Manor
            Long Pond Par 3 Course – 9 holes
            Tomahawk Golf Club
            Black Brook Golf course
            Flathead County Golf Club
            Pinehurst #2
            Flin Flon Golf Club
            Winter Flathead County Golf Club
            Great Tottington Golf Club
            The Fernacre Club
            Tobacco Dunes Golf Club (protee)
            Hobble Creek G.C.
            GC of Houston (protee) v2
            Congressional CC (protee)
            The Belfry- The Brabazon (protee)
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          • sorensen
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            okay thanks

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          If you had a gc2 then the older FR1 dongle and 95+ courses is all offline play


          • sorensen
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            vrpunk, Do you still have fr1 or have you sold it ??

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          Sold it, they do go quick and hold their value.